Monday, February 11, 2013

this year, no excuses

1) I want to continue last year's goal of getting in better shape. I don't think I'm horribly out of shape, even with being pregnant, but it's hard to keep up exercising and all while pregnant and in the middle of winter. I don't think it will be too hard...we're looking for a good bike pull-behind that will support an infant, we're also looking for a treadmill, and rock climbing shouldn't be difficult either as long as we have three people.

2) Integrating a baby into our lifestyle. Justin & I have decided that while there are obvious allowances we have to make with a baby (having to get a sitter if we want to go on a date, or mudding, or mountain biking), we don't want to become a family that is totally kid-centric. We will plan awesome fun things when our kids are old enough, and yes, as they grow they will be involved in sports and music if they so wish, but we're not going to fall into the trap of running like mad people every night of the week for kids' activities...we value our simple life and our family too much to do that. Justin & I started this family unit, and we believe that our marriage comes first as much as is possible without neglecting the kids.

3) I want to learn how to manage my time better. I sat down late last year and made a sort of "time diary" where I wrote down everything I do every week and how long it takes. Turns out, if I managed time properly, I could get four hours of cleaning every day (more than enough for us!), four hours of writing, eight hours of sleep, and still have eight hours of free time--which sounds simple, when you think about it, but seeing it in writing boggled my mind.

 How much time do I really waste every day? I really have no excuse to let unfolded laundry sit for a week, or to take three years to finish a book (really...if I write 500 words an hour, which is my average since I'm a slow writer, and do that for four hours a day five days a week, that adds up to 520,000 words a year...which is insane...)

As I look at it, I know that there will be days that are busier than usual where I don't get as much done...or vacations...or days I'm too tired to do much...or days I just take off and do something fun with Justin & Toby because family comes first...but when it comes down to it, I have no excuses not to keep our house clean, my writing going, and still have time to enjoy our life.

There are more things I'd like to get done, but those are what I'm focusing on this year. And really, if I look at everything I'd like to accomplish, there are two words that come into my mind to describe it all...


So there you have it. My word(s) for 2013. No excuses. I will get exercising done, I will manage my time, I will be an excellent mom while still being an excellent wife.

I certainly don't expect myself to be perfect, and I'm not going to fall into the trap of beating myself up if I fail one day, but I am determined this year to make changes and make them stick.

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