Monday, February 18, 2013

The Weirdest Valentine's Day Ever...

Probably not our last weird one, since by this time next year we'll have an almost-1-year-old, but definitely the strangest I've experienced thus far.

Last Saturday, Justin took me on an early Valentine's Day to the nicest restaurant in town--"our last big fling before baby", as he said--then we went to a college hockey game. The restaurant was delicious, and the hockey game so much fun. I hadn't been to one in years, and Justin had never been. Oh yes, and he also got me flowers and spent a lot of time working on my Jeep so I actually have decent heat in it. :)

So for the real Valentine's Day, I had planned a nice dinner at home, something a bit nicer and more elaborate than our typical dinner.

Then on Wednesday, I woke up coughing like crazy, with a headache, stuffed sinuses, a small fever, and achy muscles. I spent most of Wednesday sleeping, since I hadn't gotten much sleep for several nights before. Justin got off work a little early to drive me to my doctor's appointment. For the past couple of weeks, we've been doing a weekly no-stress test where I'm monitored for about 30 minutes to keep an eye on baby movements and heartbeat.

On Wednesday's test they tracked what looked like 2 contractions, though they said that it could be from my coughing. I wasn't dilated at all and I hadn't actually felt any pain from the supposed contractions, so the doctor told me to rest, hydrate, and keep track of Toby's movements. That rattled my nerves a little. We spent the rest of the day taking it easy...Justin wouldn't let me out of the recliner. He even went to the store, got some frozen pizza for supper, and bought me some of my favorite iced tea.

Because we were both a little rattled and our sleep schedule has been a bit weird, we both fell asleep early, then woke up at 1 on Thursday morning. We ended up not sleeping again, just staying up talking and watching a new TV series we'd discovered on Netflix (Terra Nova). Justin went to work, and I spent the day taking dozing and watching TV. When he got home from work, he slept for a couple of hours, then helped me fix supper (all the while telling me to go sit, which I finally did so), and we finished off Valentine's Day watching more Terra Nova and Top Gear.

It was such a weird day. But I have to say that in a way, it was the sweetest Valentine's Day too. It reminded me how sweet and protective of a hubby I have. I do think I have the best guy in the world. :)

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Ralene said...

Ugh--it sucks to be sick when you're pregnant! I hope you are feeling much better. And you're right, it was a sweet Valentine's Day with hubby taking care of you. I had the same thing (minus the pregnancy) this year. I was sick, but hubby took care of me.

Hubby and I watched Terra Nova when it was on TV, but it only had the one season. Stupid TV shows. lol...

H. A. Titus said...

Thanks Ralene! Much better now after taking it easy on the weekend.
Yeah, we were disappointed that Terra Nova ended after just 1 season. I think they wrapped it up a little too neatly...and of course it was clean enough that I'd let a preteen watch it, which means it's far too family-friendly for TV today. :/ Ah well...maybe someday they'll bring it back. :)


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