Thursday, January 24, 2013

No, the Aliens Don't Have Me Yet

It's just been an insane few months.

I think I mentioned that late last October we moved from our teensy 2-bedroom apartment to a slightly bigger 2-bedroom townhouse with half basement and garage. We love it! We're on the far end away from the highway, and even though all three other units are filled, we haven't heard a peep from me (very rare...we heard our neighbors both to the side and downstairs at least once a week in the apartment). Plus we got to paint! My friend Elyse told me my house looks like an Easter egg--our bedroom is green, the office/nursery is orange, and the kitchen/living room is a beautiful creamy yellow.

The space isn't yet complete--it's coming together, but we still need to get some nicer furniture and get rid of our apartment/college-kid junk. We could have had it together sooner, but part of that is me. I love handmade or antique stuff, so I've been patiently waiting until Justin can make me things or I find something antiquey. There aren't many flea markets up here, but I plan to go to one with a friend soon to see if I can scrounge up anything. When the space gets a little more complete, I'll post pictures...promise! :)

At the moment, we're busy gearing up for the arrival of the little one. I can't remember if I announced it when we found out the we're having a boy. :) Another little boy...and this one's name is Toby Edmund. My sister is already calling him "Teddy", and Justin's sister Olivia can't quite remember how to pronounce Toby unless someone corrects her, so for now she mostly calls him "Tubby". Can't wait until he's here--he's going to be a fun, active little squirt, if the acrobatics he's been doing so far are any indication! Can't wait for everyone to gush over him instead of me. ;)

Also, I wanted to let you guys know that yes, I plan to still blog here, just not as frequently as last year. I'm still blogging weekly over at the New Authors' Fellowship, so that takes up the majority of my blogging time and energy right now. Plus I don't want to get burned out again like I did last fall.

I don't think blogging is super essential to a fiction author any more. Honestly, if I'm going to market, the first places I'd head are Twitter and Facebook--those have been more effective than my blog. So, Magical Ink is changing a bit again, from a mostly-writing blog to more of a lifestyle blog. I want to continue posting pictures of my life, because it's fun. And since it will be about my life, it of course will still contain a lot about my writing...but expect mentions of my other interests too, as well as what I'm reading, what I'm thinking...just a good mishmash of stuff. :) Once my stint at NAF is done, I might start posting more frequently here...we'll see.

In the meantime, I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of January. Hopefully you aren't getting as much snow or cold as we are (early this week it below zero for the high several days in a row! Yuck!) :)


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