Friday, October 5, 2012

September Writing Report

Well, like I said last week, there hasn't been a whole lot of writing happening over here lately. I did revise and send in Dragon Dance to Othersheep (finally) and got some work done on Forged Steel. The Avenir Eclectia anthology was sent to the printer so it should be out soon (you guys are probably tired of me saying that...) ;) So, on to the excerpt!

Forged Steel

The two people crouched beside me were obviously fae. The girl had long jet-black hair, a black jagged layer of bangs slashing across her pale forehead. Her long lashes slowly enfolded her purple eyes as she watched me. A knife handle stuck out of the tall boots she wore over black fitted pants, and she cradled a sawed-off shotgun next to her jade-green blouse.

The guy's pale blond hair jutted over his forehead in gelled spikes, and underneath, his bright green eyes flickered in jumps and starts. Those eyes looked hard and relentless, a little like Blodheyr's. In one hand, he held the hilt of a sword. Another was strapped to his waist under a brown leather jacket.

He stood up and prodded me with the toe of his heavy black boots, the hems of his tattered jeans swishing. "Well, mud-eater. What are you doing here?"

2 responses:

Ralene said... Forged Steel what I get to tear into in December? Muahaha... :)

H. A. Titus said...

Yep! I'm pretty excited to see what you guys think of it.


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