Friday, October 5, 2012

Look What's Out!

That's right, Avenir Eclectia: Volume 1 is out on the (virtual) shelves! :) Here's the book description:

Human settlement in the harshest of places. The Avenir: once a generational ship, now a crowded residential station and dominating force over a hard, broken world. Its people have nearly forgotten distant Earth, its wizards ponder the mysteries of the universe, its orphans suffer and beg, while the aristocrats live the high life. Eclectia: the highly unstable planet far below, pulled by its heavy moons into a fast wobble, its crust fractured and tormented with frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Miners and bug hunters eke out an existence through the grit and extreme seasons. The lucky ones live in undersea colonies, where submarines connect cities in the depths. The oceans teem with telepathic life everyone calls "angels." Sheba and Quatermain, the fractured and molten moons of Eclectia, are settled by miners and spacers, while merchants and smugglers ply their trades. For most, survival is an everyday question. Multi-author microfiction gives a many-faceted view of the future. New stories continue to be posted online at the Avenir Eclectia site.

Thus far, it only seems to be in print on Amazon. The Kindle edition should be coming soon. All the royalties from the book go to maintaining the Avenir Eclectia site. If you'd be interested in a signed copy (only by me...the rest of the authors are spread out so much it would take half a year to get a copy around to all of us for signing... ;) ) please contact me at skribblegurl at(@) gmail dot(.) com, and we'll work something out. Also, be on the lookout for blog tours upcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy your reading! :) 

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