Monday, October 22, 2012

Curse Bearer by Rebecca P Minor

STORYLINE: An oppressor's assault, a father's terminal illness, an elder knight's enigmatic challenge...could a single thread interweave them all? When Danae Baledric leaves home in search of a cure for a degenerative malady that's killing her father, she never expects her journey to teach her the price of her own ignorance. In Curse Bearer, Danae learns the eternal war between The Creator and the Impenetrable Darkness is waged one soul at a time. Danae's investigation reveals not only the spiritual nature of her father's danger, but that the forces of Darkness are hunting her as well. For power, even employed in ignorance, has its cost. A commitment to a life of service to the Creator extends Danae both deliverance from her debt and the ability to intervene on her father's behalf. But something bars Danae from claiming redemption-her insistence she must achieve her goals in her own strength. It's an epic tale of curses and miracles, where headstrong ignorance creates bondage, and the desire to serve offers freedom.


Once again, Rebecca Minor brought me into a world that is beautifully drawn and detailed. Her world has a deep, rich, historical feel to them, and yet I never feel bogged down in the details. After the initial action, the book felt a slow in parts, but for the most part, the excellent world-building pulled me along through the draggy parts.
The characters were fun and interesting, and Rebecca definitely has a knack for creating awesome elvish characters...first Vinyanel in the Windrider series (who gets a passing mention, which I completely squealed at), now Culduin in Curse Bearer who, while not as sarcastic as Vinyanel, makes up for it with how infinitely sweet he is to the main character, Danae. Danae herself was a great character--I loved her dilemma and struggle throughout the book.
The storyline is very family friendly as well--it's very appropriate for family readalouds and teenagers. Kudos to Rebecca for the release of such a good first full-length novel!
Rating: five stars

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