Friday, September 28, 2012

September...but not with pictures...

Whew. Wow, sorry for the missed posts last Friday and Monday. It's been an interesting month thus far. Compared to the summer months, September has been booooooring, and I think that's part of the problem. Adjusting back to the slower fall and winter months, plus pregnancy hormones, plus rainy/gloomy/cloudy for a week equals Heather feeling super bummed and not in the mood to do anything but read all day.
Seriously. Two weeks ago on Wednesday I got some books from the library. I finished two of them on Wednesday, the third on Thursday, and the fourth on Saturday. Since then I've been working on the Wheel of Time book 4, which is ridiculously huge and makes me feel like an incredibly slow reader. I'm about halfway through it and even spent a couple of days again, reading most of the day.
OK, on to other news…as many of you've heard already, I'm pregnant again! I'm at 12 weeks right now and I look big already. My stomach muscles betrayed me big time and you could tell I was pregnant by about six weeks, not even kidding. (You know you look big when a friend stares at your belly on Sunday and says "Oh my gosh—you really grew this week!" Ummm, thanks?) ;) I've had two ultrasounds already and everything looks awesome, baby is doing great. This time around I've felt much better than with Matthew. The morning sickness showed up around 8 weeks, again, but for the most part I've felt fine. This baby's due date is April 9th, so the little monster will be in good company…right there next to Matthew's and sandwiched between my brother Josh's birthday, and the two Hannahs' birthdays as well as several friends' birthdays. April is a hot month for birthdays! :)
Last Saturday our friends the Greggs and Justin & I went to Green Bay for a shopping trip. I desperately needed maternity clothes…nevertheless Elyse almost had to drag me into a maternity shop, since I had it fixed in my mind that maternity clothes couldn't be anything other than baggy, ugly, and looking like something I wouldn't have worn even back in the '90s. Let me forever apologize to all modern-day maternity clothes, because I found some super-cute ones. I also found a cute denim jacket with a couple of lace appliques and some rips that Justin said made it look like it had been attacked by a cat…and I love it. Favorite new layering bit for fall, right there. Oh yes, and I bought another ear cuff. This one fits around the middle of my ear and has a couple of silver vines with leaves that curve over my earlobe. Very elvish, and oh so nerdy.
In writing news…ha. Ha. What writing? And before you ask, yes, I stopped taking my vitamin D for a while because I didn't remember it. So I was tired all the time, grumpy, and as mentioned before, wanted to do nothing but read all day. Oh joy, hello, seasonal depression. But now I'm back on the vitamin D and doing much better. I'm also getting back into writing…starting with building up my blog posts again. No way am I going to finish rewriting Forged Steel by the end of this month, so I guess I'll push it to October and try again! Blogging has become a big time-suck for me and so I'm trying to think of ways to make it easier…we shall see what I come up with, but for now no major changes will be made. I'll finished 2012 on this schedule and let you know what's going on in the new year.
Speaking of…I am insanely ready for Christmas. All the shops were putting out their Christmas stuff (already!) and I've been humming Trans Siberian Orchestra for the last few days now. Oh yes, and Elyse bought and awesome book of Christmas carol duets and it has a very cool version of the Coventry Carol in it that we're going to play for communion sometime in December.
One more thing, and then I'm done boring you guys. We're moving! Not away from the UP, thank goodness, just up the hill a little bit. We'll be closer to Justin's work. It's a new (brand new, like, we're waiting to move in because it's not quite finished new) townhome in a little complex with three other townhomes. At first glance it doesn't sound a ton better than the apartment, since it still only has 2 bedrooms, BUT…it has a garage (yay for getting all Justin's tools out of my office!) a little basement, and a backyard. So next year I can have a little vegetable garden and plant some flowers, and the little monster and I will be spending plenty of time in the hammock you can bet. :)
Life is wonderful. Yes, it is. 

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Kyleigh said...

I'm so glad to hear you're pregnant again!
And ear cuffs... I love them. I'm too chicken to get a real cartilege piercing but I love the ear cuffs.

H. A. Titus said...

Thanks Kyleigh!

Yeah, I wanted a cartilage piercing, but Justin wasn't too keen on the idea. So I convinced him to let me get an ear cuff, and I love them too. :)


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