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July Writing and Excerpts

While Forged Steel is waiting to be edited, I've had my hands full with quite a few short story projects!

First off, my steampunk short story Gears, Grease, and a Little Bit of Magic is live on the ResAliens site!

The editor at Othersheep Magazine requested that I make a few small changes to Dragon Dance, so I did so and re-submitted the story.

I also re-edited and submitted Healing the Sky for the Alternative Witness print anthology, which is now slated for a September release. Space Wings (originally appeared in DDM) and my urban fantasy short (in the same world as Forged Steel and its sequels) Underworld Incident will also appear in that anthology.

I've begun work on a fantasy story titled Darkglass. It's a bit different for me, as romance and politics are more central to the plot than any other story I've worked on before. I have high hopes for this story...which I shall talk about at a different time.

I've also been completely engrossed in a short story Mirriam and I are writing together for the League of Extraordinary Scribes. It's called Face, and it's an urban fantasy about Unseelie and Seelie gangs in high school who are forced to work together to prevent another human/fae war from breaking out. We're trading scenes back and forth--she takes care of all the ones from the Unseelies' perspective, I do the Seelies' point of view. This has been the first story in a while that I've felt really, really excited about. I really love all the characters, though there are so many of them! (Ten, if you include our villain.) I keep forgetting about fact while writing out the plot line, I completely forgot about one of Mirriam's characters. When I sent her the plot line, she emailed back and said, "Looks great!...but you forgot all about Ren!!" Oops. ;)


Excerpt from Darkglass:

Oh, wonderful. No wonder Fachtna had been giving me daggered looks in the past few months. If he'd heard these rumors, he would suspect the worst—that I'd been bribing or somehow coercing soldiers into loyalty to me, so that I could ensure Fachtna would never gain the throne.
"Why don't you drown that sort of yap when—"
The doors creaked open, and a group of people—soldiers, Fachtna, and Father, plus several I didn't recognize; two women, a young man about my age, and a man about my father's age—King Brennan, his son Alban, and his two daughters, Avelionni and Eilis.
They stopped a few feet from the grate, catching sight of me and Toff. My father's face, always reddened thanks to his love of drink, deepened to a shade of purple. Fachtna pressed his lips into a thin line.
Toff reddened and slunk out of the way.
I stood, my socks sizzling a bit when they hit the cold floor. "Greetings." I made a bow toward the guests. "Welcome to Castle Te'richna."
"Mollan!" Father's teeth made an audible grinding noise.
I made eye contact with the two women. The one with chestnut hair looked affronted, but the blond woman had the tips of her fingers over her mouth, just concealing a wide smile. No—a grin. I could see pearly teeth flashing in the firelight.
Fachtna stepped toward me and, in a low tone, hissed, "You're making a disgrace of yourself and your family, brother." His face was close to matching the purple in Father's.
"Calm yourself, brother—that's an unhealthy shade you're turning." I couldn't help myself—I grinned.

Excerpts from Face: 
In Everstone High, there was a third rule you learned to follow if you wanted to live through the four years required to graduate.
Appearances are deceiving.
Shylocke himself, a senior, looked safe, especially when compared to Aron. He had respectably shaggy hair the color of wheat stubble. He wore distressed jeans and graphic t-shirts, usually sporting crosses or fleur-de-lis. His green army jacket that was covered in patches was always with him, even in the summer. He was usually smiling. It was when you looked into his silver-gray eyes, eyes the color of the coin that Shylocke was always playing with, that you realized he was not safe. He was just as dangerous as Aron, but Aron was more honest about it.
Shylocke's inner circle was no exception.
"Could it be someone imitating Argetlam?" Madea asked. She leaned against the back of the chair in front of Shylocke, idly swinging a sandaled foot back and forth. "A fae serial killer obsessed with the prince of the Unseelie, maybe?"
"No way," Edan said. "Not even the Unseelie like him anymore, thanks his betrayal in the last war."
"You're actually defending the Unseelie?" Tiberius raised his left eyebrow. "That's new."
"I'm stating fact," Edan said coldly.
Shylocke pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes. Of all the places he could have chosen, why did Argetlam decide to come here, to Everstone, to start his killing spree? Why was he back now?
(You can read some excerpts from Mirriam's scenes here, at her blog.) 

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I like! Can't wait to read these experts in full-length form!

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I have to say, I'm most excited about Face. Give me ALL THE SIDHE.


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