Friday, July 6, 2012

June Writing Report and Excerpts

Forged Steel

IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*ahem* Forgive the cyber shout, but I couldn't resist. It's the first big project I've finished since Half Blood's first draft in 2009! Yay—I can overcome procrastination after all! (This post and this post at the New Authors' Fellowship are about that whole procrastination beast, if you're interested.) ;)

Granted, it still has a lot of work. I need to go back through and make characters consistent and work in some story-world ideas and foreshadowing for the rest of the Underworld Mythos series. And the last few chapters need lots of help…I bounced back and forth between two end scenarios that I couldn't decide on, so I actually need to take a good hard look at which one works better for the story.

But still…IT'S DONE!!!!! :)

Half Blood
I know where I'm going to start it now! And I got a really cool idea that will make Varian even more mad at me! :) So, yes, it's getting there. I will probably start work on Draft 4 within the next month or two.

Short Stories:
For Avenir Eclectia news, we're putting out an anthology! Whoooo! *bells, whistles, and confetti* So I wrote a story that ties up my Pieter/Cara character thread for the anthology, plus I'm working on a solid plot for my future AE stories. I'll keep you posted when I get a solid publishing date for the anthology—right now I think an August or September release is being considered.

I worked on the plots for my short stories series, Flesh Eyes and The Bone Whisperer. I wrote a super short flash-fiction piece, Bythe Ticking of Your Heart, for the Flesh Eyes series and posted it on Figment. If you read it, let me know what you think! :)

Not the most productive month ever, but I still got a good amount done. What did you accomplish during June?

3 responses:

Galadriel said...

Exciting. Congratulations.

Lostariel said...

YAY! Do we get to read it soon?

H. A. Titus said...

If you want to be a beta reader, Lostariel, I'll probably be needing some by the end of this year/beginning of next. :)


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