Friday, July 27, 2012

June and July In Pictures

Whew! I apologize for not getting pictures up for June, but this has been the summer to end all summers...between being sick, writing, and doing fun summer stuff, I know I'll be glad when winter and the chance for a rest arrives! :P

 My friend's daughter Aurora combing my hair...with a harmonica. Apparently they're perfect for damp lake-water hair. Like my sunburn? ;)

We did a fundraising 50 mile bike in the beginning of June. I've no idea what this book was about, but it was very apropos for the day, since it looked like we'd be riding in the rain. It didn't rain, but boy, it was a pain riding our bikes for so far in a 25-mile-an-hour headwind! 

 A Sunflower burger at a restaurant here in town. Yes, that's a flower on top. Yes, guys, I know...this is feminizing a hamburger. Deal with it. It was delicious! ;P

Rock climbing! Every time I get set to climb, I look up at my rope and think of the line from the Lord of the Rings when Sam pulls on the rope and the knot comes undone and spirals down at their feet. Frodo raises his eyebrows and says, "Real elvish rope?" Yes, this shows exactly how nerdy I am.

 Learning to golf.
 A tea party that my friend Elyse and I hosted for ladies from church. This is my friend Judy...doesn't she look lovely and perfect for the 1920s? :)

Watermelon agua fresca

 Awwww...Elyse's daughter Aurora and my friend Kate

Hands-down, everyone said Crystal had the best outfit there! :)

Another finely-dressed gal from church! We all love Bea! :)

And Elyse's son Boyne...being typical Boyne :)

One of the best thunderstorms I've ever seen! Justin and I sat and watched this one come was so gorgeous!

We could see these clouds being sucked into the updraft of the storm. It's the first time I've gotten to see the parts of a thunderstorm so clearly!

Justin the meteorologist!

This picture doesn't do the sunset justice!

Me, wearing my Tenth Doctor glasses. Yes, I specifically picked them out because they looked like his. But mine are purple, not black!

Dirt-biking! I love it that my man teaches me how to do cool things!

 Another beautiful storm

The best bread ever...chewy with a crunchy crust! Yummy...but a pain in the butt to make!

Attempting to tea-stain....

This dress. It didn't work out, so I dyed it mint green instead.

Justin being Justin! I love his smile!

Run for cover, he's blowing things up! No, seriously, he and my dad lit a cooler full of old fireworks on fire. It was exciting for a while. :)

I love for my birthday, Justin bought me one and set it up in my office! Then he also bought a green shag rug and said it was my "grass" so I could pretend I was outside. :) Cheesy, but very, very sweet.

Elyse made me a birthday cake! This is the best cake in the world, not even kidding. It's the orange marmalade cake from the Mitford books. I have it every year for my birthday. Normally, I don't make it quite so fancy, but Elyse decorates cake beautifully. :)

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Galadriel said...

I have "brainy specs" too. Well, I need them, but they're still brainy specs.

Lostariel said...

Brainy specs are ALWAYS acceptable.
(Typical that the two Whovians pick that out to comment on)

H. A. Titus said...

Oh yes, very typical. I love my fellow Whovians! :)


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