Friday, June 22, 2012

TRON and Hero Remix

There are two things to adore about this video.

1) It's Tron! I love that movie. Science fiction usually takes a lot to pull me in, but this one did it without much of a problem. I want a light cycle! :)

2) I'm sure I've mentioned this before...but my favorite band is Skillet, and my absolute favorite song in the world is their song Hero. For every book I write, I create a unique music list, mixing rock and soundtrack music so it gets me in just the right mood. Hero is the one song I put at the top of every list. It reminds me of how my characters strive to be heroes--and how all of them (and me) need the True Hero. 

So, mixing the two...yes please! I don't remember how I found this video, but I literally sat and watched it a dozen times in a row. It might just be me--Justin thought it was weird that I watched it that much--but I love this video and revisit it frequently when I need some inspiration.

Leaphaun did an awesome job with it...if you ever have a chance, hop over to her blog, she does some pretty awesome sketches too! 

2 responses:

Galadriel said...

This actually makes me curious about Tron--perhaps enough to watch it someday.

H. A. Titus said...

You should! The movie isn't absolutely perfect, but the concept is amazing.


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