Monday, June 11, 2012

Novel Spotlight: Winter by Keven Newsome

Winter Maessen isn't normal. She's a Goth at a Christian college, for one. For another, she thinks she might be getting visions. From God. Visions that tell her when people are in danger. And she doesn't want anything to have to do with it.
Because God obviously picked the wrong person to be His prophetess.

I only occasionally read supernatural thrillers, because—well, I can deal with fantasy creatures much better than things that I know inhabit the real world. What drew me to Winter was the premise of a Christian girl who also happened to be a Goth and a prophetess. It was a unique situation that I'd never seen before.
Keven Newsome's writing is excellent and straight-forward, and the storyline pulled me in. I could guess what was happening before the characters did, but there were some small surprises, and honestly, I liked the book better since I didn't feel lost in a story that twisted 180 degrees every time I turned the page. I loved how Summer and Winter were complete opposites forced to be roommates. Oh yes, and the lack of a love interest for the main character was definitely refreshing!
Family friendliness is down a little bit, naturally, because of the whole spiritual battle concept. Winter has visions of a blood-covered room, and girls are attacked (with mentions of rape.) Nothing graphic, but I'd still recommend this only to mature older teens and adults.
For those who like supernatural thrillers, Winter is definitely one to add to the list. The author is working on a sequel, and after the way he ended this book, I'm looking forward to watching Winter grow in the power granted to her!

Rating: four out of five stars

3 responses:

Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

I've been wanting to read this for some time now but haven't had a chance yet. Still looking forward to it, especially after seeing your review!

Ralene said...

I loved Winter! It was a great supernatural suspense. I also loved that Summer and Winter were forced to be roomies. hehehe...

Keven Newsome said...

It's an awesome book! I highly recommend it! New models feature an audiobook setting!


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