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Character Interview--Varian from Half Blood

I recently introduced Varian, the main character from my novel Half Blood, to a Facebook group I'm part of, the League of Extraordinary Scribes, and they had quite a few questions for him! Consider yourself lucky, everyone--Varian is answering these in person (he said he'd rather face personal questions than risk me getting it wrong.) Don't worry, he's not always this grouchy. ;)

Hannah Stewart asked: What's his greatest fear, and why?
Varian: My greatest fear is that everyone will abandon me and turn against me. I've seen it happen before—friends I had while growing up got old enough to discover the meanings of "half blood" and "highlander" and turned their backs on me. I have few enough friends and family in the world now. They keep me sane—I don't think I could handle the rejection and anger without them.
How does he deal with the loss of his family members?
Varian: By shutting myself up. I don't like anyone to get close to me, and even those whom I call "friends", I keep at arm's length.
What's his favorite color?
Varian: Gray. It's plain, unobtrusive, and most people dismiss it from their minds.

Nathaneal Rebiger asked: Does he have any trade skills?
Varian: Trade skills? I'm a good swordsman. I suppose you could call that a 'trade skill'—I could certainly live by it if I ever chose to leave.
What's his opinion on the war?
Varian: In a word—stupid.

Kaleb Kramer asked: How does he feel about his parents?
Varian: I wish I'd been able to get to know my mother more. As for my father—well, we loved each other, but we weren't close. I never really felt like he understood what I was going through.
About the highlanders?
Varian: They're like me—picked on and despised. I'd like to get to know some of them.

Hannah Stewart asked: Does he have a metaphorical tough outer shell, but inside he's a softy? Or has life made him bitter through and through?
Varian: I'm more bitter than soft.
Heather: he does have some soft spots.
Varian: Ahem…I thought we agreed I was writing this one, Heather. Anyway—every time I start to soften up, something happens that makes me bitter all over again. It's a cancer that I'd like to get rid of, but I have no idea how to even start the process.

Nathanael Rebiger asked: What is his opinion on authority and authority figures?
Varian: I have no problem with authority. Someone has to be in charge. Where it gets annoying is when someone is in charge who doesn't deserve it.
For example: I have no problem with my older brother, Jevran, being in authority over me. He's the king and my older brother, and he wears his authority well. But I can't stand having Danilos, who deserves to have authority over me because he's my elder and my brother's counselor, in authority. I hate it, in fact. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve that position.
Me: Why don't you tell them why you feel that way, Varian.
Varian: No. You want some things to be surprises, don't you?

Michelle Audrey Black asked: Is he right-handed or left-handed?
Varian: Right.
What's his favorite icecream flavor?
Varian: Vanilla. Plain and unpretentious.
If he had to choose between being upside down for three days or underground for three days, which would he pick?
Varian: Underground. I'm not claustrophobic, but I am scared of heights, and being upside down generally involves some sort of heights.

Hannah Stewart asked: Does he enjoy the classic arts? (music, written word, art, etc) If so which is his favorite piece?
Varian: I don't like books—sorry, they bore me. And I don't usually appreciate art (Kearah's working on me with that.) So that leaves music…which I do enjoy. I don't really have a favorite piece, but I like highlander dance songs.

Michelle Audrey Black asked: Does he have any pets? Or animals that he's close to?
Varian: No. I don't like becoming fond of anyone or anything.

Hannah Stewart asked: what's his greatest talent? Does he have a secret talent that only himself and a few others know about?
Varian: Ummm…my greatest talent would probably be making people mad at me.
Heather: That's because you're too blunt. No, Varian, you can't answer this one. His greatest talent is that he's a good leader and he's charismatic. He wouldn't say so, but the people who take time to look past his highlander side see that—that's why the few friends he had are so loyal, and why some of the others who 'pretend' to dislike him secretly wish they could follow him.
Varian: Sure—whatever.
What's his favorite memory?
Varian: The time my dad took me hunting on my tenth birthday. It was just him and me for the entire day, and it was one of the best days of my life. That was the only time we did anything like that.

Michelle Audrey Black asked: How does he feel about red-headed metal armed troublemakers?
Varian: I don't know any…should I have an opinion on this?
Heather: Varian would probably be right in the middle of whatever trouble the guy stirred up, ready to annoy more people and help the troublemaker. ;)
Varian: As long as he didn't lie to me.
Heather: You're such a sweetheart, Varian.

Kaleb Kramer asked: what does he hope to do with his life?
Varian: Stop the war. That's my biggest ambition, to unite the highlanders and lowlanders back into one strong country.

Heather: Looks like that's all the questions. All righty--thanks, everyone! We had fun. *elbows Varian* Didn't we?

Varian: Sure. Now get back to finishing Half Blood, please.

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Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

This was great, Heather.
So nice to finally meet you, Varian... since *someone* coerced me quite some time ago to promise I wouldn't read Halfblood until she had the new version completely finished... which I am *still* waiting for...

Lostariel said...

Hey, I want to read the new version, too. I especially look forward to the new bond between the brothers. I'm getting to be a sucker for those after Thor and The Avengers.

H. A. Titus said...

I know--my goal is to finish my rewrite by the end of this year and start editing next year. Hold me to it, gals! :)


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