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Song of the Aura Books 1-3 by Gregory J. Downs


Gribly is a thief, and a good one.He can control sand, and in Ymeer, that means he can go anywhere he wants. His talent attracts the attention of a dark, dangerous young man, Gramling, and his lord. On the run, Gribly stumbles upon Lauro, a boy who claims to be a messenger from the King of Vastion in the south.

But do simple messengers control the winds?

Forced to work together, the two set off to find an Aura, a being who can teach them more of their powers and explain the strange happenings in the world around them. On heir quest, they meet a girl named Elia, who can control water.

They are all destined to be a part of incredible events...if they survive.

Become a legend...or die trying.


 Each book of Song of the Aura is short, almost novella-length, so they are good for when you want something that is well-written, but reads quickly. At the beginning of Brother Thief, the writing seemed a little stiff to me, but by Winter Warrior and Grym Prophet, Downs' writing style is easily settled into and enjoyable.

The story-world reminded me a little of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Not in a bad way, either--I thought it was original, yet had enough of an Avatar flair to endear it to watchers of that series. You can never have enough water-bending, right? ;)

The characters seemed fairly well-drawn, though a few things about Lauro surprised me a little and didn't feel quite foreshadowed enough. Interestingly enough, the character I felt the most sympathy for was Gramling, and I'm looking forward to seeing where his character arc takes him.

There is one mild cuss and some story-world curses. I think I would easily recommend this series to 15-16-year-olds and up, as its a fun, quick read.

Rating: 3.5 out of five stars.

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