Friday, March 23, 2012

What I'm Up To

There's nothing like waking up and having to urgently make a bathroom trip. The nice thing is, it makes me get up at a good time and stay up (because once I'm out of my nice warm blankets, I know it only takes a few seconds for them to get cold again.)

Other than that, my pregnancy is going fine. A month ago I had my first ultrasound and Justin & I got to hear our little baby's heartbeat! So amazing! I started out without morning sickness, but about halfway through February I started getting sick more often. I'm lots better now, and I even have enough energy to get up and finish some writing and work around the house. I'm also starting to get a bit of a baby bump, though to be honest it just looks like I ate waaaaay too much. ;) And yes, at some point when the bump is more pronounced, I will post a picture.

In writing news...not much. February was a bust for me, I got almost nothing done except blogging at NAF. So far in March, I've been scrambling to play catch up. I'll have a short story, "Space Wings", coming out this month in Digital Dragon Magazine, and another short story, "Gears, Grease, and A Little Bit of Magic" (steampunk!) coming out in Residential Aliens in April. And that was my first real sale as an author...I got paid! Whohoo! :)

I had another short story requested by my friend Pauline, who is putting together an anthology, so I sent her one that I just finished, "The Fiddler". I have some more edits to do on "Malfunction". And, of course, I need to get back into editing Dreamwalkers, writing Forged Steel, and rewriting Half Blood.

And it's finally getting warmer! Though Justin says it's supposed the temperatures are supposed to drop down again and there's a possibility we will get more snow. Boo. :(

What have you been up to?

3 responses:

Ralene said...

I admire writers like you for 2 reasons:

*You can work on more than one project ta once

*You can write short stories! I need to practice that.

Lostariel said...

As of now, I can't conceive of having snow again, but since we both live in bipolar MI (separate peninsulas or not) I'm sure it will come.

Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

It got really nice and warm here, but then it started raining. That was four days ago and it still hasn't stopped. : (
Don't be too sad about the weather prediction. It's common knowledge that weather men are never right, and that husbands are never right either. Justin has both of those working against him. ; )


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