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I Am Ocilla by Diane M. Graham

STORYLINE: Open your heart and mind to the simplicity and complexity of a name.

I know only my name. Beyond that is confusion, a void where fantasy and reality swirl together. Fairies, Giants, Elves, Dwarves, ancient Keepers, and...Dragons? A dark soul threatens the Five Kingdoms, but I am powerless to stand against him, overwhelmed by phantom memories, broken and lost.

Somehow, I must live. I must find my purpose. There are friends to love and battles to fight.

I know my name. Perhaps that is enough.

I am Ocilla.

This is my story.


I find that I'm getting harder and harder to please in my reading habits. I pick up a book, only to toss it aside a few minutes later, not really engrossed in the story.

I Am Ocilla never gave me the chance to put it aside. I picked it up and the prologue, though written in omniscient point of view, grabbed my attention immediately. Once the book enters into Ocilla's first person point of view, I knew I wouldn't be able to put it down. This was a book that demanded, at least for the first reading, to be read in one sitting.

I loved the dreamy, lyrical prose. The characters were so much fun, especially the animal Keepers. (I should have kept track of how many times I wanted to reach through the pages and hug one of them!) The villain is seriously creepy. To say why would give too much away, but trust me. The guy creeps me out.

Probably what made me love this book the most was how much it made me think. I doubt any other fantasy made me ponder my faith as much as I Am Ocilla. As the story progresses, it becomes evident it's about Ocilla's spiritual journey to discover who she is in Christ, and it prompted me to wonder the same thing. It made for a beautifully deep reading experience.

The cons I have are few. Even though I loved the way the book was written, it felt in just a very, very small number of places, a little distant. Mostly when it switched out of Ocilla's pov. My other con is that there are mentions of characters without clothes (not sensually) and two cuss words.

But I still love this book. Guys will find it interesting, I'm sure, but I'd say this definitely one to give to teenage girls at about 15-16.

Rating: Five out of five stars

Next week, one of Diane's characters is hijacking my blog. We'll see what they have in store for us! :)

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4 responses:

Kat Heckenbach said...

Great review of a wonderful book :).

Diane M Graham said...

Thank you for the wonderful review and I am thrilled you loved my girl. I must point out that there were actually two cuss words. LOL

H. A. Titus said...

@Kat: Thanks!

@Diane: Blah...typos. That's what I get for writing blog posts late at night. Thanks for the correction. I will go fix that accordingly. :)

Ralene said...

Great review! I only have 30 pages left to read. I read 75% in one setting--and the reason I didn't finish was b/c if I didn't go to bed, I wouldn't have gotten up for church in the morning! lol...


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