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Character Hijack: Diane M. Graham

I’d like to thank Heather for giving me a venue to conduct today’s interview. My place has grown a little loud with all the kids, dogs, cats, books and Krakens. That said, let’s get to it. Today I’ve decided to ask some characters of I Am Ocilla a few questions. Kind of an “on the couch” session. A word of warning, this could get ugly. I was rather cruel in my treatment of some.

We start off with a character based on my youngest son. Please extend a warm welcome to Tanner the red wolf…formerly known as Tan-Fur.

Welcome, Tanner. Please, make yourself comfortable. I’d like to jump right in, if that is okay? The waiting area is full and we ran out of cheesecake 15 minutes ago.

Tanner- That would be Nicolai. There wasn’t any cabbage in that cheesecake, was there?

Diane- Oh, no, I know it doesn’t sit well in his tummy. And to be honest, I cheated and used no-bake instant because real cheesecake is expensive to make. It wasn’t even the Jell-o brand. I went trailer park and made Great Value, but there is no need to tell on me.

Tanner- Your secret is safe with me. I am very good at keeping secrets. It’s hard when you see someone you love struggling to know the truth and you are honor-bound to stay silent.

Diane- I’m sorry about that, Tanner. I knew you would keep those secrets or else I wouldn’t have given them to you. If it makes you feel better, Ocilla knew your loyalty to the Son insisted you do nothing less.

Tanner- Thank you.

Diane- For what?

Tanner- Making me belong to the Son.

Diane- You are special, Tanner. Of course you belong to the Son. We all do if we choose to. Some of us just don’t see it yet. Can you tell me the one thing you disliked over all the things you went through in I Am Ocilla?

Tanner- Flying. It was mean of you to make me. Red wolves should never, ever fly. It just isn’t right.

Diane- I’m afraid of heights also, Tanner, but sometimes we must face our fears and defeat them to move forward. And I hate to break it to you, but your future holds more flying. But we won’t talk about that for months still.

Tanner- What do you mean my future holds more flying?

Diane- Now, Tanner, you know as well as I do that revealing someone’s future can alter their choices. What if your choices are important? What if me telling you the future will cause ripples and then a catastrophe? You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Tanner- No.

Diane- Aww, Tanner, you know the Son has you through it all. Cheer up, my friend. There is a hidden piece of cheesecake out back. Shh! I saved it just for you. As you are going, can you send Nicolai in?

Tanner- Thank you. I’ll send him right in. Glad he’s next or he would follow me to the cheesecake.

Nicolai the panda is a larger-than-life character based on my second son. He sure is a lot of fun to write.

Diane- Welcome, Nicolai. Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you some bamboo to snack on? We just laid bamboo flooring at my house and brought you the scraps we had left.

Nicolai- Well…I am a little stuffed. Maybe just one piece.

Diane- There you go. Have as much or as little as you like. So, tell me, Nicolai, have you ever been kissed?

Nicolai- What? Why would you ask that?

Diane- Well, I was just curious if you had a special panda you fancy? I know the answer but many of our friends don’t.

Nicolai- < Nicolai becomes translucent> Maybe, but that really isn’t important. Ocilla is important.

Diane-Yes, she is, but you and I both know you are just as important. Maybe not the same way she is, but the things of your life have purpose.

Nicolai- Well…there may be a panda I think about from time to time, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Diane- Sure it doesn’t. We will move on and save un-named female for another day. What would you say was the one think in I Am Ocilla that you disliked?

Nicolai- Ogre pellets. Those aren’t what they sound like, though. They are made of cabbage. It’s the only thing the Ogres could grow a lot of. Now…the affects were as bad as they sound. I don’t have to say why, do I?

Diane- Oh, no. People are welcome to read to find out. Sorry about that, but some things are just needed.

Nicolai- Oh, you needed that to make our story work?

Diane- Laughter is just as important as tears or a strong plot. Otherwise, people may not want to read more.

Nicolai- That’s true. You won’t be embarrassing me like that again, will you?

Diane- I’ll try, but you are a lot of fun and no one can see your skin blushing. I can’t even see you now, Nicolai.

Nicolai- Do you mind if I go reappear somewhere else?

Diane- Okay, but can you send Alexander in?

Nicolai- Thanks for the bamboo. I’ll return your wheel barrel later.

Diane- Welcome, Alexander. Step forward three strides and there is an armchair to your right.

Alexander- Thank you. I really thought my sight would return when Ocilla defeated Abaddon, but I guess some things are too far gone to return.

Diane- Oh, Alexander, you know that is a fact, but there is a reason.

Alexander- There is? What reason could there be for me to remain blind? I’m not complaining…just curious.

Diane- Well, I hear there is a need for a history teacher in Delphi. They are having a hard time finding anyone able since the last five hundred years have been dedicated to survival alone. There wasn’t a lot of time to record or preserve and a lot of history was lost.

Alexander- Oh, I had no idea.

Diane- I hear Quinn is sending a flock of Krakens up the river soon. Maybe you can ask to join them?

Alexander- But what about being the potions master at the palace?

Diane- Amber is doing well enough. I think that position may be relocating also. Now, can you tell me the one thing in I am Ocilla you disliked the most?

Alexander- I really didn’t like seeing my princess battered and beaten so much. Was that level of violence really necessary?

Diane- I think it was. I didn’t like it either, but you have to admit, the Son made a path for her.

Alexander- He always does. I take it you are not quite done with us, then?

Diane- The future is funny, Alexander. Never know what it might hold.

Thank you for sharing your blog with me and a few of my friends, Heather.


Thanks for taking the time to share some of your characters with us, Diane!

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