Monday, February 20, 2012

The Shadowed Valley by Y. I. Lee

STORYLINE: Celia awakes one day into a dreary, dusty world, and discovers she has to set out upon the quest of a lifetime--reaching the ???. Through her quest she meets an enchanted rocking horse named Sunrise and a boy named John. Together, they journey through the land of Dauthos and the Shadowed Valley.


Cons: The prologue made it hard for me to get into the story.

The book was moderately written, with some punctuation problems--or maybe, since the author is British, it was just different than I'm used to.

Most of the book wasn't really freaky, though I could see younger readers being scared by it. There was one part, where the evil lord drinks blood, that made my stomach turn. It was kind of an odd scene that didn't fit with the mild tone of the rest of the book.

Pros: As I said, most of the book has a mild tone that would be fit for young kids or for a family read-aloud time.

Some of the allegory was quite pretty, like the symbolism of a rose painting.

Overall, a decent little allegory. Three out of five stars.

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Lostariel said...

'Ello! I tagged you from my blog. You're it! I hope you get a chance to respond and stuff yeah that's about it. :)

Yvon7lee said...

Thanks for this review Heather.I really appreciate you taking the time to do it.
You're right about the British grammer and spelling being different. It can be surprising just how much! :)

Thanks again.
Yvonne I Lee


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