Monday, January 16, 2012

Writing Exercise #5: Taste Test

At some point, your characters have to eat. Especially in fantasy, food and drink and feasting seems to be a big part of the story. (I'm thinking of Redwall here...did anyone else's mouth water whenever he described their food?) But even if they haven't had a meal in a long time, there are bound to be tastes in their mouths--coppery blood after getting socked by a bad guy; the dry, nasty taste when you wake up after not having enough water; even heavy smells in the air can leave tastes in your mouth, like smoke.

If it's something new, something that a reader may not have necessary experienced for themselves, you have to think of ways to describe so they understand. For example--how many people have had not-quite-ripe persimmons? I have. Can you describe that taste? I'd say it's dry--all you can taste is a tart dryness that sucks the moisture from your mouth and stays there for hours no matter how much liquid you guzzle. I have no recollection of the fruit's taste, just the dryness. And once I say that, your mouth might start puckering up in sympathy.

So describing new tastes might be merely about the first impression it makes, too.

So, what were the last three things you tasted? That your character tasted? Se if you can find a new taste that's particular to your world that you can describe. I'll just do my tastes here, but you guys are welcome to do both yours and your characters in the comments.

My tastes:

1) Dark, creamy center of a chocolate truffle

2) Morning mouth. Blech.

3) Salt-and-peppered egg on toast with cheese.

And, as another fun question, what is everyone's favorite fantasy food? As I mentioned earlier, I love Redwall feasts. I would love to try Redwall's strawberry fizz and the otters' hotroot soup. :)

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Lostariel said...

Strawbee fizz!


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