Monday, January 2, 2012

New Things For Magical Ink

Welcome, 2012--to all those new books I get to read, new friends I get to make, and new adventures I get to have!

There are some new things in store for Magical Ink as well. Some of you may know that I started a reviews-only blog several months ago, The Magical Ink Bookshelf, because I just had so many reviews stacking up it was fairly impossible to keep on doing my once-a-month review. Now I'm finding that I'm over my head with lots of blog stuff, so, I'm implementing a new blog schedule. You guys get to have Magical Ink three times a week!

(Cue the groans and, "Oh no"s.) ;)

So, here's the new schedule:

*Mondays: I'll continue to do my regular blog post--by which I mean my ramblings about writing, reading, and life, my writing updates, et cetera.

*Wednesdays: I'll be posting a weekly book review on the Bookshelf and posting the link on Magical Ink, just in case you forget. ;) And don't worry--the second Wednesday of the month will now be the time for the Novel Spotlight.

*Fridays: Weekend fun! Meaning fun/geeky videos, author interviews, guests posts, and be warned...I think one or two of my characters are conspiring to hijack my computer on these days too.

And a request:

*I want my blog to be reader-centric. I love all of my writer pals, but I prefer interacting with you on Facebook and Twitter. And I'm just not good enough to really teach anyone anything. So, hopefully you'll stick around as my future readers too. :) Don't worry, for those of you who liked my "writing exercise" posts, I'll still finish them up--one left! :)

So, guys, I need your help! Ask me "reader questions"--it doesn't just have to be about writing! You can ask me about my courtship (if you really want to hear MORE about it), about how it feels hurtling down a hill at 30 mph with only two sticks in my hands and two boards on my feet, or whatever. And if a question is addressed to my characters, then I'll see that they answer it (with threats of force if necessary).

Also, for my writer pals--if you guys would like to guest post, I'm up for about one a month.

So, go to the About page for my email, or post on my FB wall or Google+, or even shoot me a Tweet at @HATitusWriting!

I look forward to what exciting things 2012 brings for us, and I hope you do too!



*Wednesday: Book of the Year Award!!!

*Friday: Carol of the Bells--for 12 cellos!

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