Monday, November 28, 2011

Writing Exercise # 4--If you were Blind...

Have you ever thought about the way that something feels? Just picked an object up and really felt the different contours and textures of the components?

Here's a good exercise for that. Close your eyes, reach your hand out to the side, and pick up whatever your hand falls on first. Spend a minute or so just feeling the thing. Most likely you'll guess what it is right away, but I want you to just concentrate on the way it feels to your fingers.

Now describe it in a couple of sentences:

I felt a long, thin wire that swooped upward in a gentle curve. Then I felt a tiny round object strung on the wire, slightly rough and pebbled. Finally I felt a cool, smooth, flat stone, then a flat bit of metal, like a pinhead.

I was holding a stray earring that has been on my desk for the last two weeks.

Now, have your character stop in the middle of their scene, and imagine what they could pick up and feel. What is it? How would it feel in their hands? Would it be familiar or foreign to them?

Varian ran his fingers through the long grass surrounding him. It was almost sticky, catching the rough spots and callouses on his fingers, but leaving a bit of a sting behind. Guess that's why people called individual pieces of grass 'blades'.

I hope this exercise helps in making three-dimensional scenes for your readers to be immersed in! As always, if you want to do this exercise with me, just post your descriptions in the comments. Have a good week!

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