Friday, October 21, 2011

The changing face of interaction

Today, I hardly said anything.

Not kidding! And no I wasn't mad at my husband. ;) He was at work, I was at home, working, and made a quick errand run to Wal-Mart. Even with the shopping trip, where people bustled around me and the hum of conversation surrounded me, I said nothing.

Kind of creepy, eh? Just a few years ago, I would have had to interact with at least a cashier. Instead, I "interacted" with a machine. I swiped and pressed buttons but had no real interaction.

Could you imagine a world like that? No flesh-and-blood person to talk to, just glaring screens and buttons and automated, tinny voices--seems too much like something out of a sci-fi novel. It's a wee bit scary to me, especially as I look around at the world that seems to have embraced person-less interactions. Don't get me wrong--Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email--all those are fun. Even texting is fun. I just don't like the slide into interacting without the human element. At least call people on the phone once in a while instead of texting and Facebooking!

On the bright side, all of this speculating just made me think of a story idea! :D *bounces off happily to write down yet another nerdy idea*

**Next Week: the 3rd in my series of writing exercises, involving sound.

6 responses:

Kat Heckenbach said...

Agreed. It's weird--I have so many cyber friends, but nothing can replace face-to-face, or at least on-the-phone contact with people. Sometimes ya gotta just *talk.*

And yay for nerdy ideas :).

PS--I see my book on your Shelfari shelf there....thank you! :D

Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

Whoah - I knew the world was changing... but I had no idea it had gone this far. This is serious. The day Heather doesn't talk is a dark day in the universe. Something has gone very, very wrong.

H. A. Titus said...

Ha ha, Mary!! ;P

H. A. Titus said...

@Kat, you're welcome! :)

Lostariel said...

You made me think of this creepy story I read...

H. A. Titus said...

@Lostariel: That was extremely creepy!


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