Monday, September 5, 2011

What am I doing?

Has this summer gone by too quickly? I feel like it! Of course, it's only been summer in "da U. P." for about two months now. ;) Justin & I visited Missouri in the middle of August. When we left, summer was still in full swing. When we got back, it smelled like fall and the trees were just barely starting to turn.

It's been a while since I updated on my writing projects, so let me do that real quick.

Half Blood:

Sloooooooooooow. I'm on plot point 11 of 31--about 31,500 words out of a projected 85K. But I finally got the beginning down (crosses fingers and hopes she didn't just jinx herself). It's definitely hard with this story because I've have to 1) change the story world and history, 2) make up different reason for the highlanders and lowlanders to be fighting (because let's face it, the Crown of Ages was nothing but a semi-ridiculous plot device anyway), and 3), write a new beginning and make sure it matches the tone of a story I wrote 2 years ago. But I think Apricotpie readers will appreciate how I've deepened and expanded the story.My deadline is the end of October.

Bargain with an Elf:

On standstill until I finished Half Blood. I plan on using it for my NaNo novel this year. Maybe starting out small and building up will help me not panic. ;)

Falls the Shadow:

Is expanding. We have up to Chapter 16 written, almost the entire rest of the book plotted, and are beginning to think about at least one sequel. Keep an eye on The Lost Scribes blog, because Libby, Maricossa, and Skylar are about to have their world turned upside-down and sideways! ;)

Short stories:

I'm continuing to write for Avenir Eclectia. I have four published pieces there right now and have plans for a short serial that involves not only Pieter and Cara, but Reeder (from Brush) and two new characters who will add a bit of a steampunk vibe to the rest of the story. (Of course, I had to get some steampunk in there somewhere! ;) ) Keep your eye on that site!

On other short stories, Bound To Dance didn't make it in the contest I entered, so I want to work on revising it...sometime. When I have time between everything else...which will be never. LOL. I'll get to it sometime soon and I hope to submit it to places like Residential Aliens and Digital Dragon.

I also have a Secret Project. ;) More will be forthcoming when more is decided on.

Until then, have a good week, write well, and keep safe from spare-appendage-crunching beasts like dragons and chimeras and so forth. ;)


**Next Week: A review of a new anthology from Splashdown Books!

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Carin Marais said...

Good luck with all the projects. May you always have a sharp pencil, enough paper and back-ups on your computer! :)

H. A. Titus said...

Thanks Carin!


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