Friday, September 16, 2011

more Published stuff and a Milestone

Hello y'all! Got a few announcements from the beautiful fall U.P. this morning...

A new microfiction on Avenir Eclectia: "Cara peered through the crack that led from her hidey-hole to the marketplace. Orphans, hunters, and merchants scurried around the large area, giving no sign that they'd seen her worm into the pile of broken beams..." READ MORE

A new chapter of Falls the Shadow, where Maricossa decides to take the plunge: “Are you holding back because I’m a girl?”

Maricossa smiled at Connie as she bounced and dodged across the leather training mat. “You know better than that,” he said, “I’m just waiting for you to burn up your energy with all that bouncing." ... READ MORE blog has reached 30 followers!! Yay! Thanks to everyone new to the Magical Ink blogs and to all my goldie-oldie followers! :D (And if you haven't checked out the Bookshelf...well, you should. A new reading suggestion every week...what could be better?!?)

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Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

Congratulations, girlfriend--from one of those 'goldie-oldies'. (Okay, I shouldn't have said that--I feel old now.)
Seriously, though, way to go!


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