Monday, April 25, 2011

The Fuzzy Brain Attempts a Coherent Blog Post...and Fails

And we're on the air in 3...2...1...


Buzzzzz...the silence hiss of static someone snoring?

Testing, testing. Hello? Heather, are you there? Tap tap tap.

Huh, what? Who? Processing*...Oh, yeah...I'm supposed to be writing a blog post. Gotcha.

So, ahem. Sorry. My mind blanked out. I'm editing right now and that kind of tends to turn my brain to fuzz. Like Pooh. "What you got in there for brains?" "Stuffing, actually."


Half Blood has been taking over my office. A few pages of draft 1 here, a stack of draft 2 there, red pens and markers all over the futon. Want to see my new wallpaper?

Yep, that's all my notes and outlining for Half Blood. It will probably expand as I finish rewriting the third draft.

My best advice right now? Don't change who the villain is partway through the story. I've done this to draft 1 of two stories, and it just makes everything messy. Lots of rewriting and story tweaking. Just sit down and figure out enough about the story beforehand. I think even non-outliners could do that. Hey, I'm a non-outliner, for the most part. It's fun that way. Your characters get to surprise you more. Except when the bad guy changes his name or rank. That's not so much fun.

So yes, editing. Come back next week. Maybe I'll have something more coherent and meaty and thought-provoking for you at that time. :0D

*And for those who don't know..."Processing" is an inside joke between my friend Mary & I. It happened after a late-night brainstorming session at her house. When we woke up, she asked me the time. I stared at my watch for about a minute and finally managed to spout one highly intelligent word..."Processing". OK, so maybe it isn't THAT funny. You had to be there. At least Mary will get a kick out of it. ;0)

4 responses:

Squeaks said...

LOL! Awesome post! I found the whole "processing" joke hilarious XD

*yawn* I'm soooo tired today too :D I feel like going back to sleep again (we're an hour behind your time). Dad woke me up at like 7am this morning and I'd gotten less than 5hrs of sleep! :S not fun!

Cushy bed sounds soooo nice right now haha!!

And I absolutely looove your new wallpaper ;) I've not got that far yet with my novel (editing stage that is) but one day :D


Heather said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Squeaks! Thanks for dropping by!

M. R. Pursselley said...

Squeaks, the 'processing' joke was even funnier in person! That was the weekend we learned that having a writers' conference/sleepover the night before a massive community work day is not a good idea. (Okay, you want me to take these brush cutters... and do what exactly, again?)
Love your wallpaper, Heather. Was that the inspiration behind your new blog layout (which I love, by the way)? Keep up the good work with your editing. I'm in the same boat, so we're in this together!

Heather said...

Mary: LOL. Lots of good memories even if I was half asleep the entire day.

The new blog design...well, my mom informed me that I had zodiac symbols on my old one. Oops! So I was frantically searching for a new one, and this is one of the few I could actually get to work (I found an AMAZING one called Magic Paper, which totally fit my blog...but it didn't work :(. Sometimes I hate Blogger). I think it fits the blog pretty good though--pencils and erasers and coffee with just a hint of fantasy in the swirls. Glad you like it!


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