Monday, March 14, 2011

Eternity Falls By Kirk Outerbridge

Eternity Falls stars Rick Macey, a private detective who excels in using the neural technology of the day. When Macey is called to investigate the cause of a movie star's death, he finds the woman had been receiving GenTec's Miracle Treatment, designed to reverse the aging process and enable someone to live forever. Only, GenTec's marketing guru Sheila Dunn is afraid that the Miracle Treatment might be construed as the cause of death, and she wants Macey to prove that there was a different killer.

Several obscure clues lead Macey to the underpinnings of a deadly plot. What's worse (besides falling in love with Sheila, no matter how hard he tries not to) is that he's sure he knows the mastermind. Macey is forced to confront his past and his faith as he fights to stop the plotters.

The book is written in sharp, biting way that matches PI Macey's personality. Author Kirk Outerbridge does an excellent job pacing the plot, sprinkling a few slower scenes in between chases, explosions, and shootouts--you know, all the stuff of a good hard-boiled cyber-thriller. There were times I felt as if I'd barely caught my breath before Macey and Sheila took off again. The technology is believable and easy to understand without long explanations.

The characters were well-developed with understandable motivations, and the plot was familiar enough to make me comfortable, but new enough to keep me interested. Some of the theology interplay and thought processes of the characters really intrigued me, and one of the biggest questions in the book--would God approve of treatments that allowed someone to live forever--gave me food for thought for several days afterward.

That said, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone under 16. My reasoning for this lies in the blatant references to questionable lifestyles, homosexuality and hard-core partying being just a couple. I understand that the author did this to show the depravity of a largely anti-Christian, bored culture (I say bored because everyone who has been given the Miracle Treatment lives pretty much forever, so they quickly begin indulging themselves in whatever they want), but I would have preferred less information than what he gave.

Eternity Falls by Kirk Outerbridge is a worthwhile, thought-provoking, exciting read nonetheless. Four stars.

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