Monday, January 10, 2011

Book of the Year 2010

I know I've already reviewed this book, but it was the best book I read during 2010.


THE MENDING BOOK 1: STARFIRE by Stuart Vaughn Stockton.

Rathe is a late-hatch saurn with something to prove. Someone born into such a low caste has no hope of achieving much of anything in this life--unless he can prove himself as a warrior. Through his own skill and a fortuitous encounter with a massive creature, Rathe seeks to rise through the trials to secure a position within the imperial army.

But larger forces are at work in the world, and Rathe has been chosen for a grand and terrible destiny. Through an enemy invasion, revitalized technology from an ancient civilization, and supernatural entities beyond his understanding, Rathe is presented with an unfathomable choice. No matter what he decides, it seems an empire--or a world--will be destroyed.

And the only things informing Rathe's decision are affection for a small saurin under his care and the admonitions from the mystical representative of a god Rathe doesn't believe in.

~Blurb from the Marcher Lord Press page for Starfire

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Lady Clare said...

Interesting! I was a little leerie about seeing "Tangled", mostly because it is made by Disney, and I've generally shied away from most Disney movies. However, after reading this review, I rather want to see it now! ;)


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