Monday, November 29, 2010

November Break Down

November was a weird month for me. At least, the first two weeks were weird. Feel free to laugh at the following mishaps. :0)

I tried to do NaNoWriMo (sort of) and finish up my novel Night Sword, conveniently forgetting that when I have a large, specific word count each and every day, I freeze up. I think I did about 4 days, realized my mistake, and went back to my usual method of setting chapter goals. It sounds weird to be able to work with chapter goals and not word goals, but hey, whatever floats your boat, right? (And I never claimed my mind was normal!)

Soon after, I got an email saying my article "The Gift Given Year 'Round" was published in 31Ten the Feature! Yes, I squealed, I cried, I woke Justin up to read the article and cried some more! I was so very happy!

That Saturday (the 6th, I do believe), I got hives, for reasons unknown. Although I suspect the Dayquil I'd been taking for a cold. he doc put me on Pepcid (weird, but the antihistamines in it work great!) and a double dose of Benadryl.

I went nuts. I literally think I turned schizophrenic for a couple of days. That has never happened to me before with Benadryl, so I guess that it was the double dose that did it. I quit taking it after 2 days, and I'm again a normal person and very grateful to God for my sanity! :0) I have to say, Justin was extremely sweet, put up with a lot during that time, and really kept me semi-sane. Thank you, sweetheart!

After that little drama, I received an email stating that I was one of 11 whose stories were picked for possible inclusion (based on rewrites) in Port Yonder Press's Elves anthology. Again, I squealed--loudly. Justin came running into the room from talking to his brother, demanding to know what happened. :0) But a few days later, all that came to nothing, when the editor told me there would be "light language and allusions to adult situations" in some other stories. The book was a crossover, so I really should have had fair warning, I suppose. I ended up pulling my story because of certain standards and convictions I'd set for myself before I even started seeking publication (more on this in 2011). I did have a hard day or two, but I ultimately felt better. And besides, it's not every day that an author rejects the offer of publication, so I guess I'm just being as nonconformist as usual. :0)

So, that was the first two weeks of November for me! Thankfully the rest of the month was very normal--I got a lot of writing done despite my jerky start on NaNo, and Thanksgiving went wonderfully without a single kitchen disaster.

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Mary P said...

Here's to nonconformism!
Glad things have calmed down for you and you're making progress on NS!


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