Thursday, September 9, 2010

Got a Story To Tell?

Port Yonder Press will accept submissions for fantasy novels 80-100K starting in October. Also, they are compiling an Elves anthology, also open for submissions in October. They're a Christian royalty POD (print on demand) company like Marcher Lord Press. Click here for their home page.

Give 'em some brilliant submissions!

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Chila (Maggie) Woychik said...

Hello! Chila Woychik here -- managing ed over at Port Yonder. Thanks for posting this! Also, I want to mention that we /do/ accept secular and crossover books as well, so your submissions don't have to be faith-based. In fact, what we /don't/ like is being "preached to", so if you choose to engage faith, make sure it's subtle and has a legitimate place in the story.

Thanks again, and kudos on a great blog!



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