Monday, August 23, 2010

Imagining Like A Child

Justin and I went to the beach the other day. The waves were gentle, and they'd swept the sand into miniature cliffs. We'd barely even dipped in the water when Justin went back to the shore and started digging a trench to the cliffs. Before too long, he was scooping out sand beside the trench into a sea wall. I joined him and began building watch towers, dribbling wet sand around the top to make crenellations and stairs. Justin made a harbor behind the sea wall; I built boats from driftwood, leaves, and feathers and anchored them to a wooden post with sea grass. Justin made a breakwater of sticks to stop the waves from eating up the sea wall; I reinforced the walls with pebbles and bark. Then I began imagining this place with people, ruled by a proud king and a compassionate queen, and their history. I even built the "bones" of a feared sea beast a ways from the sea wall.

We spent 2 hours building that sand castle. Justin joked about how we were doing "kid stuff", which neither of us had a problem with. In fact, we've both agreed that when we have kids, we'll be happy to play like kids again.

That got me to thinking. My imagination has never really "grown up". Sure, I think about household stuff, my husband, his work, and plenty of other "grown up" things. But I also spend a good amount each day immersed in a fantasy world, fighting sorcerers, riding dragons, talking with elves and dwarves--and yelling at my characters of course. :0) I think being "grown up" is healthy for a person of my age. But I also think that adults should spend time being a kid too.

God gave us imaginations. I think we should use them. We shouldn't shut them up when we grow up. (Isn't there a quote like that in Raven's Ladder, the third book of the Auralia's Colors series?) I think its a wonderful thing when any adult can spend time, with or without children, imagining like a child.

*note* Justin & I will be gone visiting family in Missouri next week, so no post Monday. While I'm gone, think about what you'd like my to talk about on here. Any fun ideas or insights?

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Mary P said...

This was a great post, Heather. I really, really enjoyed it. Since you asked for suggestions, I wouldn't mind seeing a few more posts like this one; it was such a lovely cameo of the writer's imagination.

Galadriel said...

C.S. Lewis said parts of him were already 50 when he was 12, and parts of him stayed 12 when he was fifty. Age is just a number.


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