Monday, August 2, 2010

How Am I Still Alive?

Hello everyone! Since we last spoke, I've logged about 23 travel hours, slept on the ground, been talked into death-defying stunts, and gone back in history.

Tuesday through Thursday, Justin had a "business trip" to Minneapolis last week and was able to take me with him. The first night, we went to the Minnesota Science Museum and saw the Dead Sea Scrolls. It's my second time, and each time I've been inspired to quit this ill-paying writing job and become an archeologist. :0) But then I think about the heat and everything and think, "Maybe not." But I really do love seeing the history of Israel in those tiny fragments of parchment. So mysterious... We also walked around the science museum--very much Justin's thing, not so much mine. But it was still kind of cool, especially the weather section. Finally, demonstrations of all the things my husband's talking about!! :0)

We also went to Valleyfair, an amusement park. It was very much like a giant carnival. Lots of smaller rollercoasters. The best rides there were known as Steel Venom and The Ripcord. Steel Venom was a large U-track rollercoaster with a big corkscrew at one end. We got in front of the line for that one! And Ripcord...I'm honestly still trying to figure out how Justin talked me into going on the Ripcord. Basically, its a 200-foot swing with a couple of cables attached to it. You get hauled up to the top and dropped in a free-fall 'til about 10 feet off the ground, when you start swinging...very high. And the kicker on the entire ride is that you have to release yourself. Yeah. You get to pull the cord that drops you 200 feet. Needless to say, I made Justin pull the cord. :0)

Then he had 4 days off, so we spent Friday at home chillin' and preparing for a camping trip up to the Keeweenaw Peninsula. Yes! We spent Saturday & Sunday nights up there. I don't think my back is going to forgive me for that! We only took 2 big blankets...but beyond every joint popping when I got up, it was a lot of fun!! Justin's a very good campfire cook. We did some hiking, swam in the lake with some good-sized waves, and walked around the old Civil War fort we camped nearby. Oh yeah, and it rained last night. But the tent packaging miraculously wasn't lying when it said "waterproof"!

So now we're back at the apartment relaxing from our relaxing vacation. :0)

And how are your summer vacations/non-vacations going?

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Galadriel said...

I went to Valleyfair in May--it was cool. I loved the Corkscrew. And I really wanna go and see those Dead Sea Scrolls. Actually, my family got back from vacation last Wednesday.

Mary P said...

Well, it's definitely a non-vacation here: freezing 30 dozen ears of corn (which includes blanching it over a fire outside while there'e a heat advisory out) and training for a new job.
But sounds like your vacation was a ton of fun!

Erin MacPherson said...

Thank YOU for coming to MY blog. What kind of book do you hope to write?? Have you started?


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