Monday, August 16, 2010

Frustration Followed By Joy

I'm going to say this quickly.

I stopped working on The Second Crown.

There, I made my official announcement online. Is anyone going to shoot me? I know that writers have to persevere and be stubborn. But I worked on The Second Crown for sooooo long (7 years this October, I believe) that I was beginning to assume I knew all of the story in my head. And I really didn't.

I was trying to rush to finish the final draft. Since I'd decided to rewrite the beginning of the story, I should've looked through the first draft more carefully. I didn't and I made a couple of big plot blunders that I didn't catch until I was editing chapter 6. Justin came home from work to me in tears of frustration, shoving The Second Crown folders back into their box, and pulling out everything for Night Sword. It was a good thing, since for a while I'd felt bored, like working on TSC wasn't what I was supposed to do. Writing just wasn't fun any more. Justin supported that notion every time I complained about writing. So I finally listened to my husband and God and started work on the story that's very close to my heart.

I can tell that NS is different. I'm usually pulled to the computer every day, eager to write more of this story. I've had it in my head for so long that I feel like I know the characters, especially the main characters, inside out. And its going super well. I beat my personal writing record by writing 2 chapters (about 4,000 words) in 3 days. Maybe that's not really great, but it was to me. I'm back to enjoying my calling! Yes!!

Other writing projects: Sometime soon I'm going to start editing Half Blood and maybe even Roliwyn. I'd never planned to pursue publishing for HB, but Justin and the members of Apricotpie called foul with that plan. talked me into it! :0) I'm also thinking about two fun projects, an off-the-wall chick lit narrated by a pet cat, and my next Apricotpie project, entitled Raising A Princess. And I'm playing with an idea I've had for a couple of years--an epic poem of dialog between a guardian angel, his human charge, and a tempter demon. That last idea was inspired by reading Frank Peretti's The Oath and This Present Darkness.

Also, has anyone read the excerpt of Night Sword on my blog pages? What did you think?

3 responses:

Galadriel said...

Well, I understand your perspective.

Fopias said...

haven't read it yet...didn't realize it was there.

about TSC, don't shove it so hard that you lose your love of what you do. If you're supposed to finish it out then it will happen in the future

Heather said...

Fopias: Exactly what I thought!!


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