Monday, July 5, 2010


I've been thinking about connections. My conclusion is that they're weird, strange, unmanageable, and God-given. :0)

Comments on Apricotpie made me start thinking about the connections. How much Apricotpie has played in my life, for example. I found it while googling Christian resources for homeschool writers. I told my friend Mary about it, who told LoriAnn, who told Kestrel, who are all my friends on Apricotpie. Mom told Justin to ask me about it, and Justin reading my stuff lead to a deeper friendship, which lead to our marriage.

Connections are everywhere in our lives. Everywhere I look I see tons of them, and it fascinates me. Even my own stories are often born out of connections my out-of-control imagination makes. I love tracing back through my thought pattern and seeing each step, each obvious connection, that my brain made while sorting out a story idea or a title.

How many stories out there were born of connections? George MacDonald is connected to C.S. Lewis because he influenced everything Lewis wrote. Lewis once said, "Indeed, I fancy that I have never written anything in which I did not quote from him (MacDonald)."

Tolkien and Lewis were connected in that they were great friends and challenged each other to write stories about time travel (Tolkien) and space travel (Lewis). That connection resulted, for Tolkien, in The Lost Road, where a father and son hear stories taken from Tolkien's own Middle Earth legends. For Lewis, it became his Space Trilogy.

Anyone else care to chime into my ramblings? :0)

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Galadriel said...

I love it! And there are other connections like that too, where one book leads you to another. As an example, Bryan Davis's novel Enoch's Ghost quotes Dante's Inferno because the main characters visit Hades. Therefore, I read Dante's Inferno. It's great when things tie together and connect to make it more interesting.
Actually, I took a class at my school called "Paedia (sp?)" twice. It took art, music, history, economics, and literature and tied them together on one subject "Revolutionary France," for example, to study for Academic Decathlon. It made more sense when it was all tied together

Anonymous said...

Yes, connections are interesting things :) We used to live in Florida. Pa had a friend who lived in Iowa, and that led us to move to Iowa to attend the church which that friend attended. While in Iowa, my dad had a church ask him to pastor, which he had always wanted to do. So at the church where he pastors, there were the Fuerstenaus, who knew the Kliegls. The Kliegls have a son my brother's age, and they are now best friends. So, yes, I often wonder if a whole lot of things happen just to lead up to one important thing. Cole Kliegl is really the first good friend my brother has ever had (he's had other friends, but not a good solid one like Cole).


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