Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Pictures Part II--Ceremony

From left: Ben T, Jonah T, and my brother Josh

my favorite wedding ring picture ever!

Hannah T

Sarah T

Hannah S



Josh S

Josh T

The guys' "band picture"

Josh escorting my mom

Jake escorting Tammy

with Justin's family

with my family

Justin shoved the cake into my mouth to be a turkey, so...

I smeared his cheek with icing. :0)

our car

"I'm broke after this..." :0)

5 responses:

Galadriel said...

Very beautiful pictures.

Mary Hawkins said...

Love 'em, Thea. The photographer had some pretty good subject matter to work with ; )
BTW - love the ring photo!

Anonymous said...

Laughing and crying at once. These are great, and it is so good to finally see them :) Thank you for posting!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Really nice pictures! I really love the picture of the rings :-D

Kyleigh said...

Your bridesmaid dresses look like they were made off of the pattern we're making mine off of!
I love the picture of Justin escorting you out. :)


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