Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello everyone! Did you miss me over the month of March? :0)

Well, I know I promised wedding pictures. I will do that soon, promise! But for now, I thought I'd catch you up on what's happening right now.

As I think most of you knew, after our honeymoon Justin and I came straight up here to Marquette, Michigan. I was expecting cold temperatures, a few feet of snow, and gray, cloudy skies. Instead, we arrived to find most of the snow melted off (with the exception of the dirty parking-lot monsters), sunny blue skies, and (while not tropical) warm enough temperatures that we haven't been stopped from getting out and doing stuff (most days!).

Let me tell you something; I LOVE it up here. Even if spring is generally delayed until May. :0) There's so much to do! My family never considered me much of an "outdoor" person. I'm discovering that as long as I'm not in sticky, humid Missouri, I love being outdoors. Justin and I have walked around Presque Isle (really a peninsula into Lake Superior about five minutes from the apartment), we've taken walks on the cool bike paths around the city, gone out on the breakwater for the harbor, gone skiing, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

It is beautiful up here. As we walked around the isle, Justin and I explored out onto the side, where the isle basically turns into these huge rocks that jut out into the lake. Waves come splashing up the side in the winter, creating this enormous ice-and-snow shelves that cling to these rocks. We had a lot of fun navigating our way around part of the isle on these rocks! That was our second day in Marquette, and I'd already encountered something that was beautiful and could be used to enhance one of my fantasy countries.

Skiing was a ton of fun!! Once I got the hang of it, I really loved it! Of course, the day we went was near the end of the season, with melting snow, and the only slopes open were the intermediate and advanced slopes. Justin talked me into going on an intermediate slope--remember, this was the FIRST time I've ever skied, so that was a big step for me! The first time, I regretted it because I had no idea what I was doing and felt completely out of control. But once I figured out how to turn and stop, I was good to go! Justin went down one of the hardest slops by himself and did a nice, somersaulting crash. He was OK, but got rug-burn on his arms and stomach, and cut his hand. The reason why he got rug-burn was because some snow had turned into ice, and the ice was the texture of snow-cone shavings. But Justin's perfectly fine and we're both laughing over the incident! :0)

I enjoy having several hours a day (if I want) to write while Justin's at work. Once I get into the groove I'm sure I can make the keys on my laptop fly! :0) I admit, I miss my family--but this is an adventure and I'm trying to make the most of it!!

Beauty, adventure, and inspiration aside, though, the most important thing is that I'm with Justin. All this stuff is an added bonus. I truly love being married to him. What amazes me is (at least for now) I enjoy even the mundane housework that I used to find so boring and time-consuming--because I'm doing it for him. I'm very content and happy to be here, with Justin.

It is a glorious life, folks!

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Galadriel said...

I missed you. Having lots of time alone to write sounds like heaven...oh, and Justin sounds sweet too.

Limwen said...

Post pictures!!! ASAP! Or we'll come at you with pitchforks like we do to people on apricotpie who write cliffhangers. ;D

Oh yes, and I tagged you!

Colin + Rachel said...

I agree with Limwen!!!!! We want to see y'alls faces! :)


Heather said...

Limwen and Rachel: I promise I'll post pics as soon as the photographer gets them to us!!!! Rachel, he's YOUR bro-in-law...want to advocate for us?!? :0)

Colin + Rachel said...

Talked to him on Easter. The poor guy is almost killing himself with work and classes right now (and I am not joking). But, I told him you wouldn't care if they weren't perfect, and just to burn a C.D. of all of them and send it up. He said he would......

How 'bout some of you life in the U.P.??



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