Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayer Request For Olivia

Hey everyone, I know I said I wasn't going to blog for March, but here's an exception...

For the last 2 months, Olivia has been doing really well. The doctors declared her cancer-free in January, which was a huge blessing to all of us! She has about a half-inch of dark fuzz all over her head, and has been running, singing, dancing, and giggling her way through life. She has to hug everyone she meets, which is so sweet.

Last week she wasn't feeling well so Tammy took her in for a check-up. Livie's blood counts were so low that fevers could start to be a problem again. Her oncologist couldn't find any reason why they were so low, but as of now there are two possibilities--one being a viral suppression of her bone marrow...and the other a relapse of leukemia.

When Justin and I talked with Tammy a few ays ago on the phone, she mentioned that there could be a possibility of needing a bone marrow transplant, which means that all of Olivia's siblings would need to have their bone marrow tested for the right match and also quite a time away from home, since they can't do bone marrow transplants in Springfield.

Please pray for everyone. It's hard to think that something is again threatening Olivia. And also please pray for Justin and me--though we love it up here in Michigan, it's hard to be away from family when something like this happens.

God Bless!


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