Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something Old, Something New...

Hey everyone, sorry for not posing as usual on Monday. Our internet was having issues, as well as I was gone all day doing something very exciting--wedding gown shopping!!

I actually already found the one I'd wanted online (Beautifully Modest is an excellent site) but the closest store that carried those was in St Louis. So, my wonderful, sweet family made a day of it. We all got up bout 6 and packed everything but the kitchen sink into the Suburban and trundled up to St Louis.

Of course, Mom, Hannah, and I were close to squealing as I tried my dress on and Hannah tried on some bridesmaids dresses. Dad and Josh were slightly bored, especially since after my dress fitting and lunch, us girls decided to do--what else?--more shopping!! Not that we really found much...grr. Do designers have something against wearable long-sleeved shirts for a girl who doesn't like the misses styles but who can't wear juniors?!? Oh well...I guess it's back to layering and hoodies. :0)

So, I got to bring home my wedding dress and it's safely ensconced in a closet. I'd tell y'all more about it but Justin reads my blog. :0) I'm sooo excited!!!!! That makes it so very real to me that we do, indeed, have a set-in-stone date!

Other news: Olivia started chemo again today--the Final Round!!!! Who-hoo! As of this morning she's doing pretty good. Please keep praying fo her during this last round--just a little bit longer until Miss O doesn't have to go through this anymore!

And lastly, I'm so glad it's Christmastime! Finally, a chance to blast Christmas music to my heart's content without someone complaining! I love the Christmas season, I really do. Everything about it is wonderful, and I am so thankful that God gave us a beautiful reason to celebrate.

Merry Christmas!!

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The Traveler said...

Congrats, Heather!I want to see The This site really does have some pretty things.
And we'll deff be praying for Olivia.

Limwen said...

WOW, that's awesome!!! I can't believe you've gotten your wedding dress!! I hope it looks beautiful. That's something I've always dreamed about...the day I get my wedding dress. :) Btw, I love your Wedding Ticker. The name itself is cool. (And "Ticker" is just great.) :D
God bless all your preparations, both material and spiritual!


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