Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Battle Is Almost Over...

...For Miss Olivia! Thank the Lord, she's done with chemo!!!

Olivia finished with her final chemo round yesterday afternoon and has been at home since! Yes!! I'm so glad for the Tituses. I'm so happy that after a hard, tough year, Olivia can finally be at home, rest, and enjoy being with her family. I'm glad that Tammy doesn't have to try to sleep in between nurses' rounds.

Please continue praying for them as Livie's immunity will go down--that they don't have any infections or sicknesses. Also, she has a bone marrow test in January that will check for luekemic cells, and if it comes back OK, then--Livie is done with cancer!!

Thanks so much for all your prayers this year!

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Kyleigh said...

Praise the LORD! That's such wonderful news!


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