Monday, October 19, 2009

Movies I Like Better Than the Books

Gasp! Did an author/book junkie really just write that title? Seriously? How could I admit to such a thing? It might be barely acceptable for me to say that I liked a movie that wasn't based on a book, but how could I ever say that there are movies I like better than the books that they're based off of?

Just kidding. We're all allowed our little idiosyncrasies.:0)

Lorna Doone

The book Lorna Doone, by R.D. Blackamore, is an old classic that I loved when I was younger. Recently, I watched the A&E film version of it and then revisited the book. I emerged wondering, How in the WORLD did I handle this? Granted, it was written in the first person pov of a basically uneducated Exmoor farmer in the 1400s. The author does a wonderful job of showing that John Ridd didn't have much schooling. But it created a style that was irritating for me to read. Plus, the movie was much easier to understand, since the author writes some words as if a person with a Westmoor accent was speaking them (think mole-talk in the Redwall books, but much worse).

The Princess Bride

OK, shoot me! Go for it! Yes, I do not like the book version of The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

I just reread it, thinking, "Oh, maybe now that I'm older and my sense of humor has been refined, I'll like it better."

I'm sad to report that though I found Fezzik and Inigo's backstories as delightful as ever, I still didn't care for the book as much. Maybe because, while it includes most of the funny quotes from the movie, they're spread out more, and I liked them one right after the other. Plus I kind of got tired of hearing the "author" breaking in--it slows up the action and just annoys me.

Something I did find funnier this time though--all the parenthetical explanations. (This was after blue jeans...) (This was before Europe but after Paris...) OK, yes, and Westley and Buttercup's dingy, overblown love story is funny, in a way.

But I just like the movie better. Excuse me while I go paint a target on my t-shirt. :0)

So there you have it--the secret confessions of an author. Anyone else want to chime in with their confessions? Is there a book that, for some reason, you just like the movie version better? :0)

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Nienna II said...

Actually, there is. One. Bridge To Teribithia. That book is, in essence, a written account my of life as a young child. A delightful one spent playing in imaginary lands, time spent fighting evil adversaries, claiming fantastic kingdoms, and of course, winning victories!! The film is fantastic!!!

Kyleigh said...

RYC - well, I did grow up listening to classical music, even though I didn’t play much until I was 8 (guitar) and then music was just… music. Now I mostly listen to classical music, and only know so much about those piece because I’ve played them or want to play them so much I listen to them constantly!

I do like the movie of Princess Bride, but I think that if I'd read the book first I'd like it better than the movie - it's just since I've grown up with the movie that I like it better than the book.
I can't really think of any others... well, Jane Austen. I just find her books tedious.

Heather said...

Nienna: Still need to see that movie and read the book...
Kyleigh: :0) I always found classical music harder to remember, just because of the similar name styles.
I grew up with the movie Princess Bride too, so it probably does just matter which one you've grown up.
And I actually find everything of Jane Asten's tedious, movies and books, except for the book version on Pride and Prejudice. For some reason I love that book, but dislike everything else of her's.

Mary Hawkins said...

Jane Austen, for me. I agree with Kyleigh, her books are tedious. Good, but tedious.
I just saw two new Jane Austen movies last week (well, actually they weren't new, but I had never seen them before)
Persuasion and Northanger Abbey - loved 'em both!

Lostariel said...

Why do I still love you guys if you hate Jane Austen? :)

Heather said...

LOL, Lostariel, because we're writers and writers have to stick together! :0)


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