Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Justin's Job

Hey everyone,

I'd like to ask you to pray for Justin, me, and our families this week. Justin moved up to Michigan Sunday and started his new job today. While I'm super happy and excited for him, and know he's super happy and excited to be getting back into the weather stuff that he enjoys, it's really hard for both of us to be separated like this! :0( Saturday night was a very joyful, yet painful night for both of us.

But Marquette is a beautiful area (from what Justin's said and what I've seen looking through his motel window via webcam...thank the Lord for skype!) so I know that he'll enjoy it up there. And I'm confident that we'll both enjoy the chance, once we're married, to be together in such a pretty place. Just pray we have the patience to get through this time of separation, and that we'll discover new, beautiful ways to support and encourage each other even this far apart.

Also, please pray that Justin would be able to find an apartment up there. I know yesterday was a very frustrating, non-productive search for him.

I love you, sweetheart!

3 responses:

Lostariel said...

Hey, I live in MI! Not Marquette, granted...

Lostariel said...

Actually, I'm way down in the Lower Peninsula..

Heather said...

Coolness! I'm looking forward to living there...I think I can sacrifice my warm weather for a couple of years. :0)


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