Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bane of My Existence

Hey everyone!! How's this month been going for you?


It's been a nice, slow month around here, in terms of busyness. But I still can't believe that its time for another update--really, it can't have been a month already, can it? :0)


Justin moved to Michigan this month, as y'all know--and it's been sad and lonely without him. It's also been a wet, drippy, cloudy month, which doesn't help--can you say seasonal depression is here? LOL. I've actually not been too bad, beyond missing my guy. My family is hoping to go visit him soon *crosses fingers* but if not, he has five days off the weekend before Thanksgiving...yay!!! If y'all haven't seen them, hop over to his blog and look at pics from his adventures!


Miss Olivia is doing well. They had concerns about her liver earlier this month, but recent tests indicate that it's doing OK right now. And she's growing back hair!! Tammy said she has about a quarter inch of fuzz on her little bald head. :0) I'm not sure when she'll start the next round of chemotherapy, I'll be sure to update everyone on that. And please pray for her--this is the fifth round and the first of the most intense treatments she'll receive. But thankfully they're almost done!!!


As for writing, it is going slowly. I've been stuck forever on chapter four of The Second Crown and (I'm ashamed to admit) have been neglecting most writing in the worst manner! I think it's because Justin's gone and I've been busy moping... ;0) But I'm getting back to it. Soon I should be out of the rewriting section of TSC and hopefully the editing will progress quicker after that. Rewriting is hard with having to fit everything in, make sure it matches the story, etc...but I will finish it!


So, that's how I've been! And now, I'd better go to bed, because my family has several bushels of apples to turn into applesauce and butter tomorrow--it's going to be a loooonng, sticky (yuck!) day, but I'm sure that I'll appreciate it this coming year (especially the apple butter...mmhmm!)

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Kyleigh said...

I love apple butter. And applesauce... I made applesauce once. At camp this summer there was apple butter out at breakfast (and apple sauce, too!) so I'd get a bagel and put tons of apple butter on it, only to find that by the time I sat down the bagel was soggy. So that ended quickly...
But I wish we could get apple butter more easily here. And apple sauce, and apple cider...


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