Monday, September 14, 2009

Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

Storyline: Kaycee Raye is paranoid about multiple things. Rollercoasters. Bees. Darkness. Most of all, she’s frightened with the thought that someone is watching her every single instant.


She’d begun to conquer the fear, then her best friend died, leaving a young child behind. For the past year, Kaycee’s fears have taken on a life of their own. Her coping skills no longer help.


And it all starts one evening when she walks into her house and a camera goes off—with no one to press the button. Every one of her fears begin to stack up, paralyzing her. The local police think she’s crazy. Kaycee also has her doubts—until too many things happen too conveniently.


My Take: Wow! I read this book in three hours. Suspense is always difficult for me to put down (and obviously I had way too much time on my hands that day).


This book was well done. Even though it was somewhat short, I connected to the characters, especially the main character Kaycee, well. Kudos to Brandilyn Collins’ ingenious character building schemes!


It was also tense. I don’t think I relaxed a single bit while I was reading it. Definitely not a book I’ll revisit if I’m ever at home by myself right before bedtime.


I think everyone could connect to Kaycee well because she represents the fearful part of us. I mean, I connected with her fears of darkness and bees. And it made me examine why I particularly feared those things—both of mine are pretty tame compared to Kaycee’s. (I dislike darkness because I have poor night vision, and not being able to see things makes me jumpy. I dislike bees because they sting and hurt! Duh! :0) ) And I cheered happily at the end when Kaycee is well on her way to defeating those fears.


A couple of dislikes: description of lots of blood at a couple of points. I know this won’t be a problem for most people. I just happen to get sick at the sight of a lot of blood (and my imagination works too well to read that kind of description). And, it's definitely edgy Christian fiction.

On the whole, though, I really enjoyed this book. If you can handle heart-pounding suspense, go for it!


Rating: four and a half stars

3 responses:

~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Heather, thanks much. I appreciate your review. And I'm very glad you enjoyed EXPOSURE.


~ Brandilyn

Limwen said...

Thanks!! Have you ever done NaNo? I'm really excited about it...and a little scared too. But I'll just take their advice and keep on writing and writing, even if it means writing a bunch of junk! :D

Heather said...

I've thought about it, but never have actually done it. It's supposed to be good practice for shutting off your "inner critic" and just writing, then going back later and revising. Good luck!


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