Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update on Olivia

Hey everyone

Thanks for your prayers. Livie's improved some over the last couple of days. However, there are some things she still needs prayer for. She's not vomiting because they have her on a nutrition IV. Her gut and lungs are inflamed from fluid leaking into them because her blood can't retain fluid, and her blood can't clot at all. They have her on medication for all of these problems, but it's better than they were thinking yesterday. They think that these problems were caused by the chemo treatments, and once her counts start going up, she should improve. She's also off the pain IV.

Justin, Hannah, and Jacob are up there with Tammy and Livie right now. Justin said this afternoon that other than being a little swollen from the extra fluid, she's pretty much normal little Miss O. I guess one of her newest things is to grunt and blow raspberries at the nurses to let them know they're not welcome. :0) When they put a sponge inside her mouth to wet it this morning (she's not allowed to drink or eat, and the IV gets her everything she needs) she bit off half of the sponge...still being ornery Olivia!!

Please continue to pray for this goofy little girl!

2 responses:

Limwen said...

I'm praying.

Hannah said...

I'll start praying.

Also, I'm now following you off of Limwen's blog. :)

I LOVE your look; it's SO cool. And your title is amazing. :D



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