Monday, August 17, 2009

My Thoughts on Social Networking

I've had I-don't-know-how-many people tell me, "You should get Facebook." Now, Twitter seems to be the big thing too.


I don't have a problem with Facebook most of the time, as long as people use their time on it wisely. However, I know families where everyone has a Facebook, and they tend to spend more time on the computer than interacting as a family. And failing finals just because you were on Facebook all night playing Mafia? That's just plain irresponsible.


It's also been lauded as a wonderful promotional tool for authors. On Rachelle Gardner's blog not too long ago, some authors reported seeing their blog traffic jump--even to 75%!!


Personally, though, I don't know that I could get a Facebook. The more I hear of it, the more fun it sounds. I've always had a weakness for playing games with friends. And chatting with them.


It's just that email, regular internet surfing, and my blog are distractions enough for me (like right now, while I'm writing this blog I should really be working on Roliwyn). And I have this awful habit of checking email every five minutes, unless I just leave it open in the tab bar so I get an alert when new messages come in. Not that many messages come in anymore, since everyone's on Facebook instead of email. Hey pals, don't forget about me! :0)


But it also seems kind of impersonal to me. You're posting up stuff that every one of your "friends" can read instead of taking the time to personalize the messages to all of your buddies.


An editor at the Writing for the Soul conference I attended in February told me that if I was seeking publication, I should be a disciplined writer enough to ignore Facebook even if I had it. But even disciplined authors who have multiple books published confess that it's a temptation.


And it would be one more "thing" to do on the computer, tempting me away from the life I'm determined to lead--as an author, yes, because that part of me can never change. But there are other callings I have in life--friend, daughter, sister...before too long, wife....and in the future, mother. God has given me all these callings and I really don't feel like I can truly obey Him unless I follow all of these and also take care of my health.


Which means not staying up until five a.m. on Facebook. :0)

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Kyleian said...

I agree. I recently got a facebook, to keep in touch with some people whose company I enjoy, but would not email regularly (such as some of my guy friends from camp). I have found it very impersonal and kind of fake... but I have been able to have some incredible conversations with people. My rule for it is to bless at least one person every day I go on Facebook - and the rule following that is that no games or things other than talking to people are allowed. ;)

Heather said...

*applause* :0) Way to go Kyleigh!


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