Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Higher Than A Kite

Explanation of title: I'M FINISHED WITH DRAFT ONE OF ROLIWYN!!!!!


You know, I'm sure that the only thing that will ever surpass how I'm feeling right now is being married--well, and Mom says having a baby. :0P


Whohoo!!! Today was my deadline, and I started out with one chapter left to write. Incidentally, I'd already written all the chapters through 30, and the epilogue and chapter 32--so this one was right smack dab in the middle! :0D Chapter 31, the climax! WOW! I feel like I was in that battle myself.


What a writer's high! As my friend Mary said, "I think you'll be able to ride this one a couple of days!" I'm so crazy, my brain feels absolutely shot. Seriously. I will either not be able to sleep at all tonight because I'll be so excited, or I'll conk out about 10 because my mind is so overwhelmed. I haven't been excited like this in a writing sense since the WftS (Writing for the Soul) conference!!


I honestly can't believe that I'm 2o and have 2 books on my hands--all in various stages of editing, but hey! They're still 2 books! And multiple other book ideas, my next two planned out, etc. This is so weird to think about.


All in all, so far this has been an amazing good-news week! Besides finishing Roliwyn on deadline, we found out that Livie has been accepted into the St. Jude's program in Springfield, much closer! (St. Jude's is a good hospital for children and they and a Springfield hospital have gone together to create this program.) And, Justin now has a (temporary) job roofing...he had his first day today and is sooo tired out. We're still waiting to hear about a meteorology job. Whohoo! It's been a good week, compared to some!




OK, next writing goal: have The Second Crown I; The Quest finished by the end of this year and ready to ship out to publishers.

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Mary Hawkins said...

A fun trivia fact: the writer's high is contagious! At least to other writers. After your call telling me that Roliwyn was done, I sat down and wrote 6 pages in SOTS!
Congratulations, girl!

Limwen said...

Congratulations!!! Mary must be right...I feel inspired now. :P Well, I hope to see one of your books in print soon! Hope you send me a signed copy. :D (How cool will it be to tell everyone that I know you --through AP, of course. You'll be famous! :D) Good luck with The Second Crown!!


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