Monday, August 31, 2009

The End of Summer Adventures...but the Beginning of Others

Well everyone, tomorrow will be the first day of September, and since I'm no longer in school I count that as the official end of summer. It's been cool here the last couple of weeks (mostly 70s through low 80s) which is unheard of for August and I'm loving it! Now if it would just stay this way throughout September...the time for colorful leaves, bonfires with s'mores, hotdogs, and campfire pies, apples, jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts...and closing windows and turning on the heat so I don't freeze in the morning (hint, hint, Mom! :0P).


So what did I get done on my summer adventures list? Not as much as I would've liked to...but still, some good-sized goals.


*Get married

Well, this one was kind of a high reach anyway...which is OK. Justin and I have learned and grown together this summer, and it's been an amazing journey. I wouldn't have traded this summer for anything, Sweetheart!!! I love you!


*Finish Roliwyn

Yes!!! This was another big goal--and I made it! Roliwyn topped out at 101, 675 words. I'd say I just slightly surpassed my word goal, huh? :0)


*Go storm-chasing again

Didn't have to! June 9th, the storm came to us! Justin came over my house, and set up a mini weather station with his ham radio and computer. We had lots of fun listening to the radio, then checking radar, then running outside to try and see the storm moving in (since our house is surrounded by trees, that makes it slightly difficult). :0) Too much fun!

*Make 10 amazing catches in Frisbee

I made it to 13 yesterday in Frisbee--yes!!! Not too bad for a summer's worth of Frisbee games. I'd say my ability to catch hard throws improved this year.

*Introduce Justin to all of my relatives

He's met half of my mom's family and all but two of my dad's family. So that wasn't too bad either...

*Read 25 new books

This was so close to being accomplished! I read twenty-two, as of yesterday. Here's the books I read--and book reviews are coming up of all but the Agatha Christie's and the Mindy Starns Clark books (promise

I'll reread the Mindy Starns Clark books again soon and review them!)

Double Minds-Terri Blackstock
The Genesis of Shannara: The Gypsy Morph-Terry Brooks (reviewed) 7/13/09)
Death On the Nile; 4:5o From Paddington; Appointment With Death; A Murder Is Announced; At Bertram Hotel; The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side; Pocketful of Rye; The Moving Finger-Agatha Christie
Shadows of Lancaster County; Whispers of the Bayou-Mindy Starns Clark
Exposure; Dark Pursuit-Brandylin Collins
Lunatic-Ted Dekker

City of Ember; People of Sparks-Jean DuPrau
Elisha's Bones-Don Hoesel
For Such A Time; So Shall We Stand-Elyse Larson
The Vanishing Sculptor-Donita K. Paul
Breach of Trust-DiAnn Mills (reviewed 8/10/09)


*Prove to Jake T that I'm not too chicken to go off their rope swing into their pond

When their pond was high enough for swimming, it was way too cold to I guess this will have to wait for a while yet.


Hope y'all had a great summer and accomplished your own goals (and many thanks to Anna from Apricotpie for giving me this idea on her blog True Love Is Hardcore.)

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Mary Hawkins said...

Reading your memories of this summer makes me kinda sad that it's over ... but I'm looking forward to the bonfires and long sleeves and dark evenings reading by candlelight too!


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