Monday, July 20, 2009

Writing Daybreak

It's so annoying to be stuck on a wip when you're sooo close to finishing!!!! I have only a few more chapters in Roliwyn and then I may add a second completed book to my resume. :0)


However, the last few weeks of stuck-ness hasn't yet resulted in too much frustration. I've been busy on another project, the result of my writer friend Mary and me putting our orchestra Friday writer's conferences to good use a year and a half ago.


We devised a world called Anjier. It's tropical, so the people use solar power, making it an urban fantasy world of sorts. We have regular swords, crossbows, switchblades, and a slew of weapons we made up (lirenswords, ankerons, rulknives, karknives...). They had buslike vehicles called vecs and cool solar-powered motorcycles. We focused on the country of Menaa, particularly the capitol city of Reluan. Interesting events are happening right now in Reluan...particuarly, a rebellion called the Veritas Resistance by the members of it and the Resurrection Rebels by its enemies.


I came up with two girl characters, Brehlia (studying to become a Judge) and Shelt (a thief). Mary came up with the idea of telling the story by switching between their povs every chapter. To make it fair, we asked our friend Wyatt to pick a number between 1-10, and whoever was closest to the number got to write Shelt's character (because naturally we thought she would be the funnest one). Mary got Shelt. I was slightly disappointed until I realized Brehlia's possibilities.


We came up with a rudimentary plot, some other characters, and I began writing a story for two of the other characters to explain how they got to where they where. We came up with a name for it--Daybreak, because it was about a country breaking out from the nobility's oppression. Then for some reason, it petered out. Mary became involved in writing her first fantasy novel, Son of the Shield, and I cracked down on starting Roliwyn.


Not too long ago, however, I emailed her and asked, "Whatever happened to Daybreak? I looked at our notes the other day, and we had some good stuff going."


"I wondered that too," she replied.


The long and short of it was that we emailed each other some notes, fleshed out the storyline and the characters, and I dashed out a first chapter in Breh's pov and emailed to her. She responded with the second chapter, in Shelt's pov...and now I supose that means I probably need to get her the third chapter... :0) We also have ideas for a prequel (Nightfall) and a sequel (Eclipse). So I guess in all we'll have a trilogy...I <3 trilogies so it works perfectly! :0)


I'll keep y'all posted on Daybreak as well as Roliwyn.


God Bless!

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Mary Hawkins said...

yes, you should ABSOLUTELY get chapter 3 done!!!
I'm dying out here! (j/k)
Love this account of 'how it all began'. Next week I'll post something about on The Story Within!


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