Friday, July 10, 2009

Writers Aren't Mathematical

LOL, read a funny thing two days ago on Mary DeMuth's blog, in an interview with Randy Ingermason.


Mary was asking Randy what three pieces of advice he would give to authors. His third piece of advice was something like:


"Most authors can't count, so if you only give them two points, they probably won't notice."


How true is that last statement! :0) Of course, not Randy Ingermason--he's a physicist. But that would definitely fit me. I can't do anything with math beyond simple addition and subtraction in my head. I can't even add a long string of two-digit numbers together on paper very well!


Now Justin can add as fast as anyone could want! He's so extremely smart in math and science, I'm slightly jealous. ;0)


Anyway, hop over to both Randy and Mary's blogs at some point. I can't do Randy's Snowflake method of building a story, but he does have a lot of other good stuff, and Mary's blog is full of useful information!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, love! I've got a few problems with your post:

1) You aren't giving yourself enough credit for your mathematical abilities.

2) You are giving me a little too much credit on both my mathematical abilities and about me being "extremely smart."

So maybe I can do math better than you, but at least you can do some math. When it comes to writing, you're awesome! And poor old me can't write worth a hoot. For example, when I write for my job it will all be in capital letters and I will use "..." instead of ","...kinda sad.

I love you a lot, though. Even if you are a little...ok, maybe extremely biased. :o)



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