Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth Madness and Homecoming

Hey all! Hope you had a fun-filled Fourth of July!!

Friday, the 3rd, we played Frisbee in the morning, then went over to the H's house (Si, Joanna, Jerusha) for lunch and games. A bunch of us played Apples to Apples--it may be simple, but I absolutely love that game!! Words, y'know. ;0) Hannah (my sister) got Jake pretty good; for ... she put in the word "tractor" and it had just the desired effect. It made Jake irritated!


Then some of the older kids (Justin, me, Joy, Si, Monica, Rob, Josh, Sarah, Jake) went to I Love America, a big celebration thingy put on by the James River Assembly of God church. There wasn't much to do but walk around, which we did, and listen to the bands playing. W watched one band, Press Play, on the big screens they set up. Ick. Josh and Si just critiqued Press Play's performance the entire time, so that's what made it worth it standing there.


Then the Ts and I headed over to their grandparents for supper, and we watched the ILA fireworks from there. Good stuff! Explosions, pretty colors--yes, Fourth of July is the only time I turn into a pyromaniac! Unfortunately my camera has decided to be an uncooperative little beast, so I have no pics. That was a very late night, since Josh wanted to stay for the Leeland concert (lucky!) and the traffic out of ILA was horrible.


Then last night we had the S's, T's, Rachel and Colin C, and part of my dad's family here for a real Fourth celebration! Sort of...we played Frisbee, got hot and sweaty as usual, but after supper it really cooled down and even rained, so the boys and their explosive toys kinda got a little damp.


For Miss Olivia, good news!!! She got to come home yesterday! She has another bone marrow aspiration Wednesday, so they'll go back up to KC then, and depending on her counts she'll either get to come back home for a couple more days or start another round of chemo. I'm so happy that God allowed her to come home for a bit!!


Roliwyn is going super well. I'm at 81, 000 words approximately, only 9,000 more to go! Yes!! And it's just picking up the pace on being written. I wrote  2 1/2 pages Saturday in 30 minutes!


I can't believe that my twentieth birthday is just around the corner...eeek! I can't be THAT old, can I?!?!? :0) Random interesting fact: I believe that I will be as old as it took Walt Disney to make Snow White. Yes, yes...a store of random things doth an author's mind make...


God Bless! :0)

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