Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Pics to Make You Smile

Mom took this some time ago, and its my computer background right now. The flipflops on the left are Justin's, and on the the right are mine. Yes, he is seriously that much bigger than me. :0)

Miss Olivia, Justin's little sister who has Down Syndrome. Isn't she soooo cute??!

Sarah T took this of her two youngest brothers (Noah, the one on the left, and Jonah) on their family vacation in May. Noah has the "Joe Cool" thing down perfectly!

Yes, this is Justin's immediate family (and me...I love big families!!). :0) Let's see, how to introduce everyone...OK, Ben is on the far left in the green shirt. Next to him (salmon-colored shirt) is Hannah. Jake is right behind Hannah. Tammy (Mrs. T) is on Hannah's right, and on Tammy's right is Sarah. The two little cute guys in front of Sarah and me are Noah (blue plaid shirt) and Jonah (orange plaid shirt). The tall guy behind Sarah and me is Josh. On my right is Joseph (green striped shirt) and on Justin's right is Bob (Mr. T) and Olivia.

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